TalkNats Podcast presents Ep #4 in a very candid interview with Clint Robinson

If you were not in love with Clint Robinson before this podcast, you will be now as he knocked it out of the park in this interview with Kevin Nibley and Bryan King on the Talk Nats Podcast. Nibley likened Robinson’s life to a Disney movie, and The Rookie comes to mind as they portrayed the life of Jimmy Morris.  That movie was produced by Disney and follows Morris’ MLB debut at the age of thirty-five. Clint Robinson made his Nats debut at the age of 30, but Robinson has more minor league tenure than Morris did. The perseverance by Robinson is evident.

A few excerpted quotes from Clint Robinson:

“Welcome to real life,” Clint Robinson said at the beginning of this interview. “The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Make as much money as you can to provide for your family.”

Clint Robinson spoke about his inning of relief pitching, and then the conversation got real when he spoke about that he is not following the Washington Nationals as he concentrates on the Syracuse Chiefs.

Clint’s honesty and candor and the reality of life in the minors will smack you in the face that he has accepted it and has made peace with it. No longer is he staying in Westin hotels or Ritz Carlton’s, and his life is now Holiday Inn’s with no charter jet flights rather long bus trips on the road. His paychecks are no longer a gross of a six figure payday rather half of what he made last year as a Triple-A player with veteran status.

You can tell that Clint Robinson knows that a life as a 12-month rank and file employee for a company could be in the offing in the near future. Maybe he will be a teacher like Jim Morris, but doubtful Clint will be teaching English as he discussed, tongue in cheek, that he lacks comprehension of the English language.

If that portion with Clint Robinson wasn’t enough for you, stay tuned as will also hear the second interview with the winsome and charming Solis sisters who discuss their dancing brother Sammy Solis who is in the current Nationals’ bullpen.

Almost every team has a star player or two, and the Nationals have a dozen players who have that star status. Unfortunately for Clint Robinson, he was not going to start in front of players like Adrian Gonzalez, Eric Hosmer and Ryan Zimmerman as they were always in front of him with each team.

The good news for Clint Robinson is that he went to college at Troy University and has an education, and like Wil Nieves and Mike O’Connor who we interviewed last week, life after baseball has plenty of opportunities when you are a good person.

Enjoy this podcast and please share it with your friends because it is THAT good!

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