#Nats New Year’s Resolutions

Max Scherzer: Get off the “gave up the most HR’s per innings pitched” leaderboard.

Stephen Strasburg: fall out of love with my slider.

Gio Gonzalez:  Focus.  FOCUS.  Wait, was that a snowflake?  Is it snowing?  What was I thinking about? Oh, right: FOCUS.

Tanner Roark:  to be the best pitcher no one outside the Nationals organization and fans has ever heard of.

Joe Ross:  Not always follow my big brother’s example.  Mound presence, yes.  Shoulder problems, no.

Sammy Solis:  Avoid the DL.  All year.

Blake Treinen:  Be ready when Dusty calls on me for the ___ inning.

Koda Glover:  Be honest with the trainers and coaches if I’m hurt.

Shawn Kelley:  Be ready when Dusty calls on me for the ___ inning, and be honest with the trainers and coaches if I’m hurt.

Michael Taylor:  Be the baseball player Dusty thinks I am.

Ryan Zimmerman: Be the baseball player that Dusty and Rizzo think I should be (aka Comeback Player of 2017).

Derek Norris:  Hit well enough that no one ever says “we got rid of Espi in the lineup for HIM?”

Daniel Murphy:  Last year was fun.  Let’s do that again, only better.

Anthony Rendon (Tony Two-Bags):  Last year was fun.  Let’s do that again, only better. With awesome hair.

Trea Turner:  New Nationals’ stolen base record.  And get the equipment manager to find me a helmet that will stay on without me holding onto it . . . because that’s slowing me down rounding the bases.

Clint Robinson:  Put those bats I got for Christmas to good use.  And I don’t mean giving them to the Kiebooms for firewood. (Okay, they can have them if they break).

Adam Eaton:  Play so well that the White Sox start looking up the definition of grand larceny.

Bryce Harper: Be the Bryce of 2015.  Hey, I’ve got a wife to support!

Jose Lobaton:  Elevate the rest of my game to the level of my helmet-taking-off and Gatorade-glasses-cup skills.

Jayson Werth: Keep one step ahead of Father Time. (One more year, please, just one more year of positive WAR!)

Kieboom brothers (Spencer Kieboom/Carter Kieboom):  Make Spring Training memorable, for all of the right reasons. (In other words, not for setting off the fire alarm doing bake-offs.)

Andrew Stevenson: Play well enough in the Minor Leagues in 2017 to get your call-up to the Bigs.

Erick Fedde: Same as  Andrew Stevenson’s resolution.

Victor Robles: I will protect my wrists with those reinforced wrist guards I was supposed to get for Christmas.

Austin Voth:  I know the opportunity will present itself.  I will be ready.

Bob Henley:  Get a tattoo of a stop sign on both palms. (OK, maybe a weekly henna tattoo first just to try out the concept and see if it works).

Dusty Baker:  Never use the same catcher in both ends of a doubleheader.

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