#NatsRide Ride share? Uber? Walk? Parking Restrictions? Taxi? Hotel? Charter Bus?

There should be no reason for a mass exodus during Thursday night’s Game #5 playoff game to make it to the subway as there are alternatives so you can stay the whole game.

Our TalkNats twitter feed is covered in tweets of rage in anticipation of what is sure to be a mini-crisis in transportation to get home from Game 5 now that it is sure to go past the closing time for Metro which transports thousands to and from each Nationals game.


There are the two sides to it. The solution is planning ahead.

According to Wikipedia, the WMATA (Metro) system is owned and operated by the governments of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia and the simple solution is emergency legislation to keep it open later, but it does not sound simple and might not happen which means it is time to get creative and help your fellow Nats’ fans. Here is the closing times from Metro at the Navy Yard station.

“God, I would hope to believe that playoff games here in D.C. would mean more than shutting down the lines for a couple hours,” Scherzer told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan. “I mean, isn’t it a supply-and-demand issue? We have a supply of people that demand to use the line to go to the park. Why wouldn’t you want to meet that?”

It’s not that simple Max. Get Smart, and plan early. If you need a ride, get on Twitter and use #NatsRide with the city you live in and hook-up is our solution. There are thousands of empty seats in cars. Be practical and help out Nats fans who don’t have parking passes.

If you live in Loudoun or Fairfax County, take the Ballpark Bus. Call now. Don’t get shutout. Here is their info link. People from Montgomery County could drive to Reston and park and ride there.

Uber will take a while and the suggestion is to hang out at a local bar or restaurant for 2 hours after the game and celebrate the right way and then Uber it home.

Washington, D.C. could help by lifting parking restrictions in neighborhoods near the ballpark.

There are some beautiful hotels around the ballpark. Metro to the ballpark area and check into a hotel and spend the night and Metro back when you wake up Friday morning.

Any other ideas? Help your fellow TalkNats friends.

“Please don’t forget that nats stadium is very bike friendly! there is a great bike valet and TONS…” — stirfried http://disq.us/p/1cqb2mv

Circulator Bus to Union Station is an option (Union Station has a parking garage; I don’t know the cost…” — SusanV http://disq.us/p/1cq9wkw

“One more suggestion which I wont do but if you have enough people do a nice stretch limo or Town Car…” — Nats128 http://disq.us/p/1cqafcl

UPDATED 9:50AM re: Ballpark Bus: Thanks so much for the write up. As of this moment we have 14 seats left, so we do anticipate a sellout. We’ll allow people to add themselves to a waiting list at that point. I’d urge people to do so, because if we see enough demand, we may be able to add another bus. Bus drops off and picks up right at the 1st base gate. www.BallparkBus.com

Metro bus option:

Book online Potomac Riverboat Company 120 people $37 per person roundtrip and they get free parking in Alexandria www.PotomacRiverBoatCo.com

Then there is www.ParkingPanda.com to find guaranteed parking spots if you drive and don’t have parking. Plenty of space with Parking Panda as of 11:36AM 400 spots left. Book it and then #NatsRide to take stranded riders.

Here’s another idea for a short walk to a Metro garage. Park there and walk over the bridge.

“My plan may be to drive to the parking garage at the Anacostia Metro station, one…” — cosmo http://disq.us/p/1cqbpla

Lyft and Uber work well if you have the time to wait near the stadium as there aren’t 10,000 extra drivers but we have been told by an Uber driver that they will be picking up and dropping off for hours. The suggestion is to hang out at a local bar or restaurant after the game and Uber/Lyft when things quiet down but that could literally take hours.


Another great idea is AirBnB which is another creative idea!

“Also, if you are accustomed to using AirBnB, as of right now there are rooms available. One…” — Sec 3, My Sofa http://disq.us/p/1cqi47y

Scott Allen of the DC Sports Bog wrote this on #NatsRide:



Mark Lerner who is the son of the principal owner of the Nationals spoke with 106.7 about the Metro debacle:

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