Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Jose Fernandez

His last pitching appearance we got to witness his mastery in the 1-0 win over the Nationals.

Here is the story on the Talk Marlins site:

We mourn the passing of Jose Fernandez. Today’s game has been cancelled.

We sent out a short release on this, and we had just done that story about José Fernandez and Trea Turner.  Trea Turner’s high school coach Larry Greenstein just responded simply, “no words right now.” Indeed, it is shocking. Trea’s father, “Sad News.”

There was that day that Eduardo Perez described as “Jose Day” when he pitched and the crowds were 30% larger.

“Fernandez had found freedom on one boat, and now his life had ended on another,” Cuban-American sports writer Dan LeBatard said.

jose fernandez

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