Questions, questions and more questions

This past Saturday was the Nats Fan Appreciation Day and more than a few Talk Nats writers, readers and commenters attended.

Lots of questions were asked and answered. But in such an environment, can you expect more than the typical cliché answers? As a result, the suggestion was made to the collective of the Talk Nats writers who write the most, to take advantage of two off-days and have a post on Monday (the first off-day this week) where we asked you to comment on what questions would you most like to asked Dusty Baker and Mike Rizzo – assuming that they were connected to a lie detector. Then we would take the most popular questions (based on up-votes) and have two polls on Thursday (the second off-day) where you could vote for the one question to ask: one poll for the Baker question; and one for the Rizzo question.

Well . . . . as is usually the case, the collective improved upon this idea. It turns out that our own poet laureate (aka Laura Peebles ArVaFan) is having a Q&A lunch with Dusty and his coaches this coming Saturday. So lets use this post to suggest questions that Laura could ask Dusty and his coaches.

For courtesy of Hugh Kaufman aka "The Chicken Man"

For courtesy of Hugh Kaufman aka “The Chicken Man”

Of course, there won’t be any lie detectors involved. But Laura has indicated she would like to get Talk Nats readers input on what questions they would like to see her ask. So we may still have a post on Thursday to ask you to vote on some selected (by Laura) questions.

So please feel free to fire away with your question – for Dusty and his coaches. And if you want to throw some out there for Mike Rizzo, all the better.

And make sure to up-vote the questions you like!


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