Do you want the good news or the bad news?: Postgame

This game was an absolute dud on the pitching side. Stephen Strasburg could not get into a rhythm and the Nationals lost 7-1, and that is some of the bad news. Bryce Harper had a grimace while batting and was pulled early from the game after three strikeouts, and according to Dusty Baker the situation with Harper was a sore neck.

The good news is that the Mets lost their game, and the Marlins are currently losing 11-3, and that is good news. The Nationals should not lose any ground in the standings. One more game comes off the calendar with 52 games remaining.

More good news is Wilson Ramos was 3-4 tonight and raised his batting average to .337. Danny Espinosa had two hits with the only RBI, and Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon each had a hit. The Nationals had their chances early in this game with runners on base including a one out bases loaded situation where the Nats could not score.

Jayson Werth drew a walk and set the longest mark in the MLB this year with 37 games consecutively where he has reached base safely.

Ben Revere and Anthony Rendon had some very good plays on defense but there were quite a few plays like a pop-up to leftfield which became an RBI double, a single to shortstop that rolled through, and two balls to rightfield that Bryce was not deep enough on.

Here is one that Espinosa did not dive on. Maybe he doesn’t get the ball but maybe he does. Effort is contagious. Get dirty and try to help your pitcher.

defensive effort

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