The shoe war is on. Bryce Harper’s new #HarperOne Under Armour’s to compete with Trout’s new Nike’s

The new release of Bryce Harper‘s line of baseball cleats, ‘Harper One’, from Under Armour become available today, and at the same time Nike will also ship the new Mike Trout shoes today online. Is it a competition or just a coincidence to coincide with the All-Star game festivities that both Harper and Trout have new releases?

bryce harper and mike trout cleats

The two greatest young baseball players on the planet have industry giants betting that kids will buy their shoes where baseball players have never prospered before.

The 220 is what Bryce calls “Second To None” as in 2 for 2nd, 2 for To, and 0 for None. Under Armour earlier this year made Bryce Harper their largest investment ever in the baseball segment, and the reigning MVP hopes to return the favor to the Maryland apparel giant in big sales.

“Bryce embodies our brand’s founding philosophy of ‘Aggressive, Young and Fearless,’ and we look forward to continuing to aid in his upward progression in the sport of baseball,” said Peter Murray, an Under Armour vice president, in a statement.

Under Armour in a news release said Bryce Harper will be featured in the brand’s marketing campaigns, “including training and lifestyle offerings and Under Armour’s Connected Fitness platforms.”

“Under Armour has been one of my biggest advocates since I began my professional journey, and I can’t wait to share what’s next with the fans,” Bryce Harper said.

Bryce Harper will also be featured on ESPN in a “My Wish” segment which is must see TV as well as ESPN takes you on a journey with Bryce in this exclusive.

In addition, Bryce also has at Champ Sports exclusive set of three New Era snapback caps available this week. One is an homage to the Montreal Expos shown below with a block W front and center. One of the others is a catchy Curly W with the Washington DC flag on the side panel.

bryce harper new ear exclusives at Champs

This Under Armour commercial shot in Bowie, Maryland turned out incredible. The stats are great, and you will need to watch this a few times. Check out the behind the scenes photo on our link here.  They say baseball is a numbers game. Yes!


Bryce Harper appeared at the All-Star FanFest with Under Armour for a Press Conference to unveil his Under Armour #HarperOne items!

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