Bryce Harper: Man of the people. Campaign slogan: Make Baseball Fun Again (MBFA 2016)

Bryce Harper has been making the rounds lately, and in the past week has been seen shooting Under Armour commercials out in the Double-A stadium in Bowie Maryland to appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while literally rubbing elbows with a Victoria Secret super model Gigi Hadid to appearing on ESPN’s media and advertiser’s showcase this morning, Bryce has been a busy man.

Bryce has already appeared as a model himself with Nina Agdal in a New Era advertisement and commercial so take that Gigi “Super Model” Hadid.

Bryce played a game of ¬†Catchphrase with¬† Fallon as his teammate as they went up against the duo of model Gigi Hadid and actor/comedian Andy Samberg. Bryce had words and phrases like “Eager Beaver” and Craig Stammen‘s “Eye of the Tiger” and “S’mores” “Bubble Wrap” which is perfect for wrapping trophies, and let’s just say Bryce batted about .200 in that game per the rules and maybe .800 since no umpire called him out, and he hit a Home Run for entertaining everyone.

Here is Bryce this morning at the ESPN event:

If you didn’t know Bryce Harper’s 2016 Make Baseball Fun Again campaign, here it is on a sticker on his bat knob simply as MBFA 2016:

bryce harper MBFA

I hope Jon Gruden has set-up a time for Bryce to get over to Redskins Park to see his younger brother Jay Gruden!

Here was Bryce last week filming a new Under Armour commercial, and he is wearing these new gold UA cleats and a “I’m A Bad Man” sweatshirt:

bryce harper under armour commercial (2)

bryce harper Under Armour cleats 5 11 16Last night the Tonight Show, and tonight it’s back to the show!!!!

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