Dusty Baker’s philosophy on winning, losing, and greed

Dusty Baker was asked yesterday how he felt about winning 7 of the last 9 games and if he was happy with the state of the team at the moment?

“Yah, I’m relatively happy, but when it comes to winning and victories, I’m a greedy man,” Baker said. “So you have no choice but to be happy at this point but you know we have 6 tough games to go and we would like to finish strong [before the All-Star break].”

NL East Standings 7 4 16

The NL East is feeling once again like a showdown between the Nationals and Mets.  The Mets just dismantled the Chicago Cubs in a 4-game series, and last night the Mets beat the Marlins coming back from a 6-0 deficit to win 8-6 and scored the winning run off of Fernando Rodney who the Marlins just picked up to fortify their bullpen. In the last three days, the Nationals lead over the Mets went from 6.0 games to 4.0 games after yesterday’s results.

The Marlins and Mets play each other today and tomorrow before the Mets host the Nationals for 4 games in CitiField before the All Star break begins. This will be the last head-to-head games between the Mets and Marlins until they have 2 series in September.

Dusty Baker is correct—-you have to be greedy as a manager. You want to win them all. The reality is that you are doing great winning 60% of your games which computes to 98 wins in the regular season, and right now Dusty wants to be greedy and finish 6-0 before heading to the All Star break. The Nationals have 50 wins right now, and we will revisit how the Nats look at the All-Star break.


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