Game #56 No Trea and no surprise: Game Thread

We wrote last night that Clint Robinson would start at 1st base which signaled a choice for Dusty Baker to either play Danny Espinosa at shortstop or Trea Turner and Dusty chose Espinosa. No surprise there.

Enchanced Instagram screengrab from Nationals

Enchanced Instagram screengrab from Nationals

Stephen Strasburg gets the start for the Nats to once again get this Nats team in the win column. Strasburg faces off against Dan Straily from the Reds.

In his career, righties and lefties have almost identical splits against Straily for batting average with righties at .235 and lefties at .233; however, lefties have the better power numbers against Straily with a .412 slugging vs. .379 for righties.

The Nats have no history against Straily except for Daniel Murphy:

Here is Stephen Strasburg’s stats against the Reds:

Line-ups subject to change without notice:

  1. Ben Revere CF
  2. Jayson Werth LF
  3. Bryce Harper RF
  4. Daniel Murphy 2B
  5. Wilson Ramos C
  6. Anthony Rendon 3B
  7. Clint Robinson 1B
  8. Danny Espinosa SS
  9. Stephen Strasburg RHP

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