It was the Trea Turner show and that was about it folks: Postgame

As everyone knows, tonight was Trea Turner‘s 2016 debut, and he was 3-3 with a walk and a double. His OPS is 2.333 and his defense was perfect. The only other highlights from this game were Jayson Werth‘s HR and Wilson Ramos came in to replace Jose Lobaton and was 1-1 with a double and a run scored. Ramos raised his batting average up to .342 and a .933 OPS.

Unfortunately for the Washington Nationals, Gio Gonzalez seemed to end the game early as he gave up 5 runs by the time the 3rd inning ended as the Nats lost 7-2, and the 4-game winning streak ended.

Dusty Baker is inclined to start Clint Robinson tomorrow at 1st base. Is there a way to fit Trea Turner into the Saturday line-up with Stephen Strasburg on the mound?

Ray Knight in the post-game show on MASN had his thoughts, “Maybe Trea does play some outfield.” Dusty Baker said, “The young man had a good night. A very good night.”

Watch this video as Trea Turner is asked to be a “Field General”:

Trea Turner batted second in the starting line-up for his 2016 debut, and played 2nd base and late in the game shifted to shortstop. Turner at the plate got enough of each pitch he put in play in his 3 official at-bats with a nice short stroke, and just did everything he has done his whole career which is make contact and use his speed which led to his 3rd hit of the game as sure-handed Brandon Phillips rushed to the baseball and couldn’t field it as Turner’s 3rd hit of the night was his patented infield hit. The speed weapon plays large for Trea Turner at all times.

Turner’s approach was simple, “I think that’s what you gotta do. You’ve gotta simplify it and it doesn’t matter who’s on the mound, you’ve got to make it easier on yourself and the more complicated you make it for yourself the tougher the at-bat is going to go. I tried to keep it simple and hopefully good things happen.”

What did we learn about Gio Gonzalez‘s start? The answer can all be found in the 2nd inning, and Gio’s inability to make a big pitch when he needed it -or- get a call from homeplate umpire Laz Diaz.

Pitch #5 (chart below) should have been strike 3 with that fastball that Gio dotted at the top of the zone. Note where pitch #4 was thrown. It was a changeup on the outer 1/3 of the plate.  On pitch #6 Gio threw that exact changeup again and slightly higher and Adam Duvall was waiting for it and roped a double. Lobaton was set-up on the outside and lower. After Duvall’s double, Gio gave up 3 straight singles before recording the first out in the inning by striking out the opposing pitcher.
gio to duvall 6 3 16

This 2 run single to Brandon Phillips in the same inning was another location mistake that Phillips hit for a 2 out single and made the score 4-0
gio to phillips 6 3 16

When you analyze what is wrong with Gio Gonzalez, most of the blame is on not making the right pitches when he has to. The ump might not have helped Gio at times, and there might have been some bad luck, but most of it was poor pitches at key times.

Dusty Baker speaks about the 7-2 loss and Gio Gonzalez:

Dusty Baker on Gio’s tough 2nd inning, “You got to find a way to get out of that [2nd inning].”

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