Catchers have been at the center of World Series Championships for a while

Last year Salvador Perez was the MVP of the World Series, and it seems like Buster Posey was the star for years before that, and before the Giants were winning 3 World Series it was the Cardinals who were doing it. In 2011, it was Yadier Molina who was batting over .300 for his Cardinals on the way to another World Series win.

Molina in 2011 was almost the exact age as Wilson Ramos is right now at 28 years old. Molina picked up a World Series ring in 2011 with the Cardinals. Molina is Puerto Rican and was a ‘defense first’ catcher who could handle a pitching staff as well as a bat, and Wilson Ramos got his finishing touches by another Puerto Rican catcher named Iván “Pudge” Rodríguez who mentored Ramos with the Nats in 2010 and 2011 as Wily moved from back-up catcher to starter in 2011 for the Washington Nationals.

Molina also struggled at the plate hitting just .216 in his 3rd year, and he and Ramos have talked before briefly. Molina’s advice is just stick with it. Work hard, grind, and you will get there. Ramos said, “It’s been a lot better. I’ve been more patient with my at-bats, and I’ve been able to handle the strike zone much, much more this season. I think that’s what I’m actually the happiest about.”

While Molina will be 34 years old next month, Ramos is the young catcher getting some much deserved recognition. Ramos is working towards bigger and better things. Ramos has never been named to an All-Star team, and has never been to a World Series. These are all bucket list items for Ramos, and he would like to do them with the Nationals.

We recently ran this story on Wilson Ramos and his free agency. Ramos had a great day yesterday, and must continue playing well to earn that All-Star spot. Unfortunately for the Buffalo, either Yadier Molina or Buster Posey will be the player chosen by the fan vote, and Ramos ranks 5th right now in the fan vote which just shows how little the fans care about voting the most worthy of players in. Ramos will have to be named to the All-Star team by the player’s vote or the manager’s vote because if it was left up to the final fan’s choice vote it probably won’t happen.

Dusty Baker couldn’t remember Wily’s nickname in his postgame presser after Ramos went 3-4 with a 3-run HR, and a RBI single. and thought it was “The Bull” and the media reminded him it was “The Buffalo”.

“He’s not called ‘The Buffalo’ for nothing. I’ve never seen a skinny buffalo—unless he’s real sick. It’s not surpising. This guy’s strong. We give him enough rest, we think, to keep him strong. He’s quietly having an outstanding year, and just going about his business.”

The numbers and stats that stand out large, and Ramos is again at the top of defensive catcher statistics and ranked 3rd in NL fielding percentage. To go with his career highlights along with the 3 no-hitters Ramos has caught, he was the catcher for Max Scherzer’s 20 strikeout game. Ramos’ .338 batting average is ranked #1 in the Majors as is his .919 OPS. The key at this point in the season is to keep it going because most forget how you started and only remember how you finish. #1 in Washington would be nice.

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