Nats fall to the Marlins as a 9th inning rally falls short: Postgame

Let’s start off tonight’s recap with a poll.

Tonight was simply not the Nats night. Between the expletive deleted interference call on Heisey in the first inning; and those watching on TV being subjected to the Fox announcers there is not much positive to say about this game.

The Nats started a comeback in the 9th. Scored once and had the bases loaded with no outs. Between the HP blue calling two questionable strikes on Jayson Werth; and (an understandable) base running error by Murphy, the rally fell short.

Joe Ross again pitched a great game. But a couple of errors/mistakes by Joe and his team-mates were costly.

There some things we can be happy about:

  • As a baseball fan, one has to be happy that Ichiro Suzuki is closing in on 3000 hits in MLB as he went 4-4 and giving him 2,954 MLB hits.
  • Unless I missed it, the announcers did not mention the Strasburg shutdown.
  • Daniel Murphy with another multi-hit game.
  • The never give up mind-set as exemplified by the top of the ninth.

Hopefully Max Scherzer can shut down the Marlins and the offense can generate some runs (since Fernandez won’t be on the mound for the Marlins).

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