The NL East – A Review of Head-To-Head Schedules/Results

Comparing head-to-head schedules is always a challenge. Teams, obviously don’t have the same schedules. And how do you separate the issue of whether an opponent is a good team, a bad team or an average run-of-the-mill team as they too have played different teams.

But hey, this is a fan blog, so lets do it anyway and compare the Nationals, Phillies, Mets and Marlins. And we will be nice to the Braves and simply ignore them.

There will be lots of differing opinions on how to look at the results so far. We will just make a few comments and then let our readers/commenters have at it.



First up are the Nats. Looking at the results so far, things are looking good If they keep this up we are looking at 98-99 wins. Their runs scored (177-129) differential is better than everyone else in the NL East. And they are winning both at home and on the road.

If only there wasn’t that Cubs series. But on the bright side, the Phillies, Mets and Marlins have not yet played any games against the juggernaut Cubs.



And in second are the surprising Phillies.

Looking at their run differential, it is clear that they are doing well due to their pitching.

And frankly, other than the Nats – who they have a winning record against (something our Nats need to change) – they have not exactly faced many good teams. And the one (possibly) good team they have played were the Cardinals (in Miami) and they went 1-3.

So it would not be a surprise if they return to reality soon.



In third we find the Mets.

Can I say that again?

In third we find the Mets.

Good run differential (but not as good as the Nats – even if you remove last nights 9-1 Nats win).

Again, lots of games against not great teams. Of note is that the Mets have only played the Marlins 3 times, while the Nats and the Marlins have 10 games against each other. And after this weekend, the Nats and the Marlins will have played 13 of their 19 games.



And now the Marlins.

Interestingly, they have a losing record at home. And like the Phillies, have scored fewer runs than they have allowed – but it is close.

They might have one of the toughest schedules so far given how many games against the Nats and the Dodgers and Giants on the road.



And, upon request, here are the Braves – without comments in the spirit of charity.

So now it is your turn to weigh in:

  • with your comments (as if we needed to encourage that).
  • and your vote in our poll –¬†which of the four teams has had the toughest schedule so far.

Bottom line – lots of reasons to be optimistic for 2016.

And lets hope the Nats take it to the Marlins this weekend.

Updates (10:03 am and 10:40am)

  • Upon request, the Braves results have been added.
  • Each table is sourced from BBREF – click on the table to see it on BBREF (which means you can click on the links in table).
  • And upon request here are the FanGraphs Playoff Odds. It opens to the NL East – you can scroll to the other divisions.
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