Game #27 Series finale in KC, Strasburg and Medlen: Game Thread

This are two pitchers who know each other. Kris Medlen from his Atlanta Braves years before serious arm troubles faces off against Stephen Strasburg.  This 2:15pm afternoon game is the 6th game on this road trip before the Nats head to Wrigley Field for a 4 game series starting tomorrow.

Dusty will employ a day game after a night game roster and can take advantage of the DH to rest a player. It worked well for Jayson Werth last night as he went 2-4 with a HR.

Here are the Nats against Kris Medlen:

Here is Stephen Strasburg against the Royals:

Line-up (subject to change without notice):

1. Michael Taylor CF
2. Anthony Rendon 3B
3. Bryce Harper RF
4. Ryan Zimmerman DH
5. Daniel Murphy 2B
6. Jayson Werth LF
7. Wilson Ramos C
8. Clint Robinson 1B
9. Danny Espinosa SS

Stephen Strasburg RHP

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