#Nats have a tough one in Miami – Postgame

On a night when Jose Fernandez left the door open, the Nats couldn’t capitalize on offense and the opposite was the case with Tanner Roark. ┬áRoark left the door open and the Marlins took advantage in a 6-1 loss and Roark gave up 4 earned runs.

Roark acknowledged in the postgame that he made a bad pitch to Osuna and Stanton.

The Nats ran when they should not have run and challenged a foul ball call when they should not have. That’s how the night went. The Nats didn’t run in a 3-2 count in the 1st inning with Rendon at-bat and Taylor on 1st but then went straight steal later in the game and Taylor was caught stealing.

Roark was really the story as he had Ozuna who has been struggling and left a ball over the plate for a 2 out 2 RBI single. Roark had a balk in the game and later missed in location with 2 outs and bases empty to Stanton who crushed a HR.

The Nats bright spot on offense was Taylor who went 2-4 with a walk but he wiped himself off the base paths with a caught stealing and he struck out with bases loaded.

The Nats had hits but they couldn’t put hits together except one time in the game.

Rendon and Harper were excellent on defense. Harper threw out Realmuto at 2nd but he was ruled safe and the Nats had no challenges to get it overturned.

That’s the way the game went.

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