Bryce Harper’s prep work before a game might surprise you!

Many position players study video of the starting pitchers they will face, and Bryce Harper has once again said he does not study video. Bryce does study the opposing team to see who is playing the outfield. Let that sink in for a few seconds as to why Bryce studies the outfielders.

Alex, I will take Bryce Harper Studies for $1,000. The answer is: Bryce Harper studies outfielders for this reason:

What is positioning so he knows where to hit ’em?  Wrong.

What is depth of the outfielders so he knows where to hit ’em? Wrong.

What is outfielders arm strength and accuracy so he knows whether to stretch singles into doubles and doubles into triples? Correct.

Bryce’s philosophies are simple, “Staying healthy and staying with the same routine day in and day out. I try to go out here and play the game hard. Play it well and have good ABs. You do it as a team. I want to win.”

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