#Nats now 8-1 – best record in MLB: Post-game recap

And the best start in franchise history.

The Nationals literally destroy the Phillies 9-1. The game was basically over after the top half of the first inning.

It was simultaneously a laugher and a brilliantly managed game by Dusty.

  • He subbed players in, but not too early.
  • Joe Ross was stellar.
  • BABIP finally worked in Jayson Werth‘s favor. Just too bad he did not get his 200th HR as a Grand Slam the day after Bryce got his 100th as a Grand Slam.
  • And, oh yeah, Bryce hit another monster Home Run and is now 99 HRs from the 200 HR Club. Bryce also flashed the leather tonight.
  • Wilson Ramos easily could have been 4-5 tonight and BABIP and good defense got him so he only got 2 hits.
  • Michael Taylor got 2 hits including a HR and Danny Espinosa got 2 hits with RISP.
  • The entire starting 9 of the Nats got hits tonight.

Time to simply sit back and enjoy how well they are playing.

But now permit an opinion.

Lots of comments in the game thread about Joe Ross and leaving him in too long. To that I say nonsense. Innings limits are a surrogate measure for stress a pitcher deals with. Other than one inning, this was a laugher for Joe Ross. As FP correctly said during the broadcast, (paraphrasing here) not all 100+ pitch games are the same.

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