Lucas Giolito could get a call-up on May 14th. Doubleheader duty!

The Nationals game scheduled for today was cancelled. Advantage to the Nationals who are playing short-handed without tablesetter Ben Revere and MLB rules also allow for a 26th player to be added to one of the doubleheader games which is the perfect setting for Lucas Giolito‘s debut on the makeup game of May 14th.

Giolito 4 seam

Of course this is just fun conversation as The Baker’s Man isn’t on the 40 man roster and A.J. Cole and Taylor Jordan are on the 40 man roster and more likely one of them would get the nod.

If the Cake Boss was called up his MLB service time would be 1 game if he was sent back to the Minors, but why not dream of a showdown of Gio Grandé and Giancarlo Stanton on May 14th.

For now Lucas Giolito is officially a Harrisburg Senator of Double-A and will have this date circled on his calendar.

Dusty Baker and Mike Rizzo of course have the ultimate decision and with a day off on May 12th and May 16th as DonH pointed out the Nats could possibly use the May 12th off-day to take the May 9th starter to use on regular rest for the doubleheader and use the 26th man you get for a doubleheader for an extra bullpen arm.

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