Why Trea Turner should start over Espinosa #TalkNats

Why Turner should start over Espinosa:
by: Alex Ross, age 7, Gaithersburg, MD

I really think that Trea Turner should start over Danny Espinosa.


Turner is awesome and I even met him!  He is super fast and Espinosa is not as fast as him.  Turner would probably would be one of top 5 fastest in the Major Leagues! He would be great at shortstop.  He can also play 2nd base if Murphy does not play a game. Turner would get on base way more times than Espinosa.  Turner is ranked 11th in the Major League prospects.  Turner had 52 stolen bases in his minor league career!

Turner was drafted in the first round of the 2014 draft and that is amazing!  Turner is only 22 and he’s super fast. Turner’s amazing batting average in the minors was 322! I went to see him and I saw him get 2 hits and he scored twice!

Espinosa strikeouts all the time! I call him Danny Espi-strikeout.  He has 630 strikeouts over the last 5 seasons. In 2012 he had the most strikeouts in the NL with 189 strikeouts. But Espinosa was 6th place in the rookie of the year award in 2011.  Danny Espinosa will get 2.88 million dollars in 2016 and it is not worth it.

My dad says Espinosa may start because they will need to give Turner more money if Turner will maybe start the 2016 season! (Editor’s note: Your dad makes a great point)

I don’t think it is right because Turner is so good.  I go to a lot of Nats games and when I go this season I want to see Trea Turner.


Editors addition: Here is a picture from earlier today before Trea (left) stepped in to the batting cage for some BP. Matt den Dekker is next to Trea.

photo by Laura Peebles

photo by Laura Peebles

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