Can Rizzo pull off the 11th hour trade to balance the 40 man roster while improving the 25 man roster?

Bill Ladson with some breaking news on Daniel Murphy per his tweet says

“New #Nationals infielder Daniel Murphy will take his physical Wednesday and will likely have a press conference Thursday, according to a baseball source. #Nats #MLB

This gives Rizzo little time to pull off a trade or make a corresponding DFA to get the 40 man roster down to 39 or lower to make room for Stephen Drew and the DFA may be the way it goes to make room ultimately for Drew also.  Rizzo has tried to make trades but won’t force them.  Erik Davis might not have been a painful cut for Rizzo but if he has to make another move it will be.  This isn’t like the old Nats where they have been plenty of DFA candidates.  Rizzo has been very creative in making at least one significant trade per season and none bigger than the Souza for Trea Turner/Joe Ross deal he pulled off last off-season.

The catcher trade rumors are back as they were in July 2015 when Rizzo was rumored to be trying to obtain Lucroy from the Brewers.  Could this be the blockbuster deal that Rizzo has become known for?  Rizzo has also been rumored to be looking at the Rockies outfielders in various trade scenarios.

In Rizzo We Trust!

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