The 40 man roster shuffle #Nats

The Nationals are currently at the maximum limit on their 40 man roster, and unless Rizzo can pull off a trade to remove a player(s) from the 40 man roster, the Nationals will have to waive a player to vacate a spot when they add Daniel Murphy to the roster.

This off-season the Nats had several players removed from the 40 man roster when they became Free Agents.   Mike Rizzo waived David Carpenter and non-tendered Craig Stammen to free up 40 man spots while the team decided to protect 3 players from being exposed to the Rule 5 Draft, and those players are Spencer Kieboom, Chris Bostick, and Nick Lee.  Each were added to the 40 man roster.  Rizzo then traded Yunel Escobar for Trevor Gott and also added Oliver Perez, Shawn Kelley, and Yusmeiro Petit.

Once Spring Training begins the Nats can transfer Aaron Barrett to the 60 Day DL and free up a spot on the 40 man roster.

Our source tells us that the Nats will likely waive Erik Davis from the 40 man roster to free up a spot; however, Rizzo is looking at other options.

Rizzo seems to be in no hurry making the Murphy signing official as he might be buying time to make a trade.

1 A.J. Cole R/R
2 Aaron Barrett R/R Will be moved to 60 day DL
3 Abel De Los Santos R/R
4 Anthony Rendon R/R
5 Blake Treinen R/R
6 Brian Goodwin L/R
7 Bryce Harper L/R
8 Chris Bostick R/R
9 Clint Robinson L/L
10 Danny Espinosa S/R
11 Drew Storen S/R
12 Erik Davis R/R
13 Felipe Rivero L/L
14 Gio Gonzalez R/L
15 Jayson Werth R/R
16 Joe Ross R/R
17 Jonathan Papelbon R/R
18 Jose Lobaton S/R
19 Matt den Dekker L/L
20 Matt Grace L/L
21 Max Scherzer R/R
22 Michael Taylor R/R
23 Nick Lee L/L
24 Oliver Perez L/L
25 Pedro Severino R/R
26 Rafael Martin R/R
27 Ryan Zimmerman R/R
28 Sammy Solis R/L
29 Shawn Kelley R/R
30 Spencer Kieboom R/R
31 Stephen Strasburg R/R
32 Tanner Roark R/R
33 Taylor Hill R/R
34 Taylor Jordan R/R
35 Trea Turner R/R
36 Trevor Gott R/R
37 Tyler Moore R/R
38 Wilmer Difo S/R
39 Wilson Ramos R/R
40 Yusmeiro Petit R/R


1 A.J. Cole R/R
2 Aaron Barrett R/R Will be moved to 60 day DL
3 Abel De Los Santos R/R
4 Blake Treinen R/R
5 Erik Davis R/R
6 Felipe Rivero L/L
7 Gio Gonzalez R/L
8 Joe Ross R/R
9 Jonathan Papelbon R/R
10 Drew Storen S/R
11 Matt Grace L/L
12 Max Scherzer R/R
13 Nick Lee L/L
14 Oliver Perez L/L
15 Rafael Martin R/R
16 Sammy Solis R/L
17 Shawn Kelley R/R
18 Stephen Strasburg R/R
19 Tanner Roark R/R
20 Taylor Hill R/R
21 Taylor Jordan R/R
22 Trevor Gott R/R
23 Yusmeiro Petit R/R

1 Anthony Rendon R/R
2 Brian Goodwin L/R
3 Bryce Harper L/R
4 Chris Bostick R/R
5 Clint Robinson L/L
6 Danny Espinosa S/R
7 Jayson Werth R/R
8 Jose Lobaton S/R
9 Matt den Dekker L/L
10 Michael Taylor R/R
11 Pedro Severino R/R
12 Ryan Zimmerman R/R
13 Spencer Kieboom R/R
14 Trea Turner R/R
15 Tyler Moore R/R
16 Wilmer Difo S/R
17 Wilson Ramos R/R

What move would you make to free up spot(s) on the 40 man roster?

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