According to Jim Bowden, #Nats sign Daniel Murphy to 3 year deal

Shocking news for most Nats fans that Mike Rizzo has totally gone against his mantra he stated in November, “The 2016 Nats will be younger, less experienced but more athletic and speedier. A little transformation…We would like to get more left-handed.”  Those are Mike Rizzo’s own words.  Rizzo has talked about refocusing on pitching and defense in a year that the team slid in BABIP against, DRS, and team UZR.

Daniel Murphy is not young, not speedy, and not particularly athletic.  Add to that his poor defense and the fact the Nats just forfeited their 17th pick in the 2016 Draft and this pick becomes somewhat muddled. Add to that Murphy’s controversial political and moral views, and you have a fanbase who probably won’t be thrilled with this move.

This story will obviously evolve and from our sources as we reported last week that if this Murphy move happened there is a good possibility that Murphy will play 3rd base and Rendon would be at 2nd base.

The Brandon Phillips snag with his no-trade clause clearly ends any chance of a 2nd chance for Phillips to play for the Nats with the signing of Daniel Murphy.

The Nats must now make a decision on the 40 man roster which is full, and Rizzo much make a roster move through a trade or waiving a player to free up a spot for Murphy.

Credit to Bill Ladson who was the 1st to report that the Nats were pursuing Daniel Murphy.

Here is your updated payroll with Trea Turner back to AAA.

Nats Salary Update 12 24 2015 gott


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