Win Now vs Consistently Good/Great Teams for the #Nats

Time for a philosophical debate.

In the spirit of the season, if you are sitting on Santa’s lap or you get a visited by the baseball gods, and you were granted one wish for the next twenty years of Nats baseball, which of the following two choices would you pick? And why?

  • Consistently good baseball, in contention every year, some success in the post-season, and perhaps a WS win or two.
  • Boom and bust (see Phillies, Braves) with multiple WS trips and wins.

And yes, there are clearly lots of options in between. So feel free to suggest/discuss any others (e.g., getting to watch Bryce repeat 2015 for the next 10-15 years as a National for life).

It seems like Mike Rizzo and the Lerners are in for winning every year and many fans have a win now at (an almost) any expense mentality.

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Off-Topic: Brothers in Exile – the story of Livan and El Duque leaving Cuba is on MLB Network tonight – 9pm-11pm EDT.
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