Priorities, priorities. What are the #Nats off-season priorities?

We all have an idea of the Nats off-season needs; however, do we know the true priorities from top to bottom?  Are Dusty Baker’s priorities the same as Mike Rizzo’s?

While Dusty Baker was out pheasant hunting, Mike Rizzo was out MiLB hunting making some signings like Logan Schafer, Chris Heisey and Sean Burnett.

Strangely, 18 days ago Dusty said on MLB Network radio that he had not discussed with Rizzo what the budget is or the players he is targeting for the team but they discussed how important the lead-off is. Here’s what else Dusty had to say,

“I don’t know if we got that [lead-off guy] yet because the other guys are prone to strikeouts and don’t have that high OBP. We had that guy in Denard Span. I don’t know if we will sign him or have a chance of re-signing him.  I haven’t really talked to Rizzo or the organization yet about potential Free Agents…or what the payroll is going to be…I’m always trying to pump people to get the best team, not only the best team, the best overall balanced team. This is what I’m shooting for.”

It seems like those conversations between Rizzo and Baker should have occurred before Dusty was introduced as the manager on November 5th or if not by then at least before pheasant hunting or if not by  then at least after pheasant hunting or it not by then at least before the Winter Meetings this weekend gets going.

It would seem clear that Dusty’s priority is a high OBP and low strikeout lead-off guy, but does Rizzo have the same priority?

Here are some priorities:

  1. Lead-off hitter
  2. Lefty Bat
  3. Top Relief Pitcher(s)

It’s quite possible that #1 and #2 are the same player. It’s also quite possible that Rizzo could acquire several relief pitchers if he can trade Storen and Papelbon.

This team will have new players and Mike Rizzo will be working in and out of the shadows this weekend in Nashville.

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