Press Conference Questions Take 2

After the serious discussions, especially Breaking: MASN lawsuit Decided for the moment, time for a light-hearted article.

Now that we know the manager is Dusty Baker and not Bud Black, here are some questions for the press conference, including some that almost certainly won’t be asked. Note that a few of them are carry-overs from the Bud Black list.

  1. You’re in the dugout and you hear a skirmish between players at the far end of the dugout. What do you do? by rayvil01 in the Bud Black questions post.
    1. Follow-up: how many seconds before you get into the middle of the skirmish.
  2. Since Stephen Strasburg is a free agent after 2016, are you looking forward to having him throw 120+ pitches a start?
    1. Follow-up: What about Joe Ross and Lucas Giolito? And Fedde in a few years?
  3. Are you looking forward to dealing with Jonathan Papelbon?
  4. In a critical post-season game do you let your starter talk you out of pulling him for your lights-out closer in the 9th?
    1. Follow-up: Does it depend on who the starter is?
  5. How would you handle a player ripping your line-up card off the wall?
    1. Follow-up: how many seconds before you start throwing punches?
  6. Given the mixed reactions to your hiring, what is your reaction to these quotes from a couple of his colleagues (source: MLB Network Radio):
    1. Jim Leyland:

      Dusty has been a great manager for a long time, the best thing he does is get his guys to play all 162 games

    2. AJ Hinch:

      [The way the Bud Black negotiations ended] on top that puts a cloud over Dusty Baker’s entrance which he’s a tremendous manager who I have a ton of respect for

  7. What do you think about having one of your better hitters bunt with your best hitter on deck?
    1. Follow-up: Does it depend on the count?
  8. Is Mike Maddux really going to be to be your pitching coach?
  9. Comment please on the philosophy of small-ball vs. the 3-run HR?

So what are your questions? Any suggested question in the comments that receives 3 more up-votes than down-votes will be added to this list (properly acknowledged):

  1. How do you feel about defensive shifts? (from MicheleS).
    1. Follow-up: do you believe in leaving someone on the left side to cover 3rd with a runner on 1st and strong shift for LH pull hitter? (from hweiner)
  2. Follow 2 to Question 4: Does it depend on who the closer is? (Section222)
  3. Do you like the pictures that Sol Tucker took? (Sol Tucker) – had to turn this into a question since the pictures got so many up-votes)
  4. Can you share your thoughts on more aggressive offense like hit & run or squeeze plays? (from Gonat).
  5. Have you ever gotten so excited during a game that you’ve stabbed yourself with that toothpick? (from Laura Peebles)
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