Bryce Harper should be the NL Hank Aaron Award Winner

The Hank Aaron Award is given each year to the best hitter in each league. Clearly the best hitter in the NL is Bryce. This is something that is easy to quantify. In fact we already did in the Bryce Harper Final Stats Clearly Support MVP post.

In 1999, an objective points system was used. Since then a number of different criteria have been used, most of which have involved voting. The current criteria is that a player is nominated by each team (it’s broadcasters) and then the final winner is selected based on a combination of fan votes and a panel of HOF voters selected by Hank Aaron.

We need to help Bryce win this by voting for him on this page on the mlb web-site.

Voting closes at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, October 11. You can vote up 20 10 times a day.

Let’s make sure Bryce wins this award!

UPDATE: You can vote 10 times a day, not 20. And the count is device specific. So you can vote 10 times on each computer, handheld, tablet, etc. It is not clear if they check the entered info to disqualify your extra votes,

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