In-Game, Max Scherzer likes pitching in Miami

Max Scherzer has to be the stopper to this 5 game losing streak that he was on the front end of with that Labor Day beatdown where Max gave up 5 earned runs in 6 innings and his ERA is above 3.00 for the 1st time this season. Time to turn it around and Max likes pitching in spacious Miami.

Today is the day to start winning and move forward.  The Nats have added Wilmer Difo to the roster for additional bench depth and as part of the future who knows if we get to see Trea Turner and Wilmer Difo as the middle infield doubleplay combo of the future.

The Marlins start Brad Hand and the Nats know him quite well.

Here is some stats for you. Ryan Zimmerman owns Brad Hand but he will not be in the line-up with his .636 BA. Taylor and den Dekker are both 1.000 and Rendon is .429.  Espi is .385, Werth .333,  Desmond and Bryce are both .308, and TyMo is .250 with a HR.

  1. Rendon 2B
  2. Escobar 3B
  3. Harp RF
  4. Werth LF
  5. Desi SS
  6. Ramos C
  7. Taylor CF
  8. Moore 1B
  9. Scherzer P

With Ramos’ start today he has now played 113 games in a season tying his 2011 mark. Wish we could say the same about Span, Rendon, Werth, and Ryan Zimmerman but that’s a story for another day.

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