Today is a new day for the Nats. 5 game deficit

Hundreds of comments in-game on Monday and post-game about the loss to the Mets. Opinions were aplenty.

ADCwonk wrote “Interestingly enough, in the last thread somebody said that this was the most important game of the year. Somebody else said, “until the next game”. The first guy said, no this one is the most important.”

Monday was a tough day for Nats fans and the good news is today is a new day because you can’t change the final score of yesterday.  A win for the Nats on Tuesday and they are back to where they were Sunday night at 4 games back.

As Section 222 wrote on Monday, “Tomorrow is now very important of course. But today was the one we needed, and we failed. And yes, we need to win this series.”

Have to agree with that.

Let’s call it the way it is, Tuesday is a “must win” and Jordan Zimmermann pitches for the Nats against Matt Harvey.

Time to start a new winning streak.  Time to get the deficit back to 4 games.


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