UPDATES: In-Game Harvey & JZim face-off! No RZim!

Many of us have said this series with the Mets is like the playoffs.  The implications are huge for tonight.  If these are like the playoffs then we can hope the results from JZim are like Game 2 of the 2014 playoffs where JZim went 8 2/3 personally giving up no runs, and that’s how you beat another team’s ace—you just pitch better than them.

Harvey brings his 166 1/3 cumulative innings of work to the mound. Harvey in his last start vs the Phillies gave up 4 earned in 6 1/3 innings.  Also, Harvey has a road ERA of 2.80 this sesaon, and Jordan Zimmermann has a home ERA of 2.52 this season.  It makes this for a good showdown of pitchers on virtual paper.

If you’re going to the game which I expect many of you are, stay longer so we don’t have a repeat of this: BRYCE HARPER UNHAPPY WITH FANS EARLY EXIT

If you’re not at the stadium, join in the conversation here!

Lineup notes below.

Harvey throws a 4-seamer avering 95+ and can ramp it up to 98mph.  He throws an occasional sinker mixed with a hard slider at 90 and a curve at 84, and also has a change-up.  Harvey throws strikes and will let his stuff play in the zone and hope you are sitting fastball and not react in time to his off-speed.

Nats who have done well against him is Wilson Ramos 3-6 .500 BA, Uggla 2-7, Desi a .348 OBP w/ a HR, and then Werth-Escobar-Espinosa are all .250 BAs against him.  RZ has a HR against Harvey with a .235 BA.

Bryce Harper is a career .000 in 17 at-bats.  Is tonight the night Bryce gets a “rest” day?  What would you do?

The Nats line-up is:

  1. Werth LF
  2. Rendon 2B
  3. Harper RF
  4. Esco 3B
  5. CRob 1B
  6. Desi SS
  7. Ramos C
  8. MAT CF
  9. JZim P

UPDATED—BREAKING: Joe Ross will be assigned to the Bullpen and Tanner Roark will take his place in the rotation to take his spot. Ross showed signs of fatigue and this was expected given his dropoff in production the last few starts. We made this suggestion months ago that Ross would be suited well to short inning appearances where stamina wouldn’t be an issue.        Also breaking news, Ryan Zimmerman out with left oblique soreness not plantar fasciitis and is considered day-to-day.  Ryan said he hurt the oblique on a swing yesterday although anyone who saw his awkward slide into home where he lost his balance and drove his left shoulder into the ground and rolled over was a concern at the time and then he appeared to have trouble running the bases over the weekend.

Mike Rizzo agreed with us on the “must win” tonight and this is what he said, “We have to win now. Tonight is a must win game. Every game we lose is another day ticked off the calendar.”

Rizzo also had thoughts on Bryce’s comments yesterday about fans leaving the game early in the 7th inning.  Rizzo chalked it up to emotions after a tough game and said Bryce is a player “who wears his heart on his sleeve”.

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  • Ghost of Steve M.


  • ManassasNatsFan

    Just win the last 24.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Has anyone seen ball three to Flores yet.

    Dave Jagler said it was strike 3. If strike inning over 7-1

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      I put up all the charts. Close but no cigar Jags.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    They had issues with the strike zone.


    I have confidence in the offense.

    Storen was not just off. They were way out. Are you blind?

  • natslive

    Words fail me….but pathetic and embarrassing and epic fail come to mind. BP particularly Storen implodes and season over. Team does not deserve to be in the playoffs. I love JZ and want him to stay but if I am JZ even if the Nats offered me the most money (which they won’t) I wouldn’t stay. BP is awful, Rizzo didn’t do much at deadline to improve it and MW sucks at BP management but tonight is all on the pitchers. This year has shown how much we really miss Craig Stammen. I say that at least a couple of times a week with this BP. This is a very frustrating team to watch and be a fan but I will continue as they are my team.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Ray hitting the nail on the head.

    Common denominator to all three loses.

  • I would respect Matt Williams a little bit more if he’d use the word “humiliation.” Because this was surely that.

  • Jordon Zimmermann can’t wait to get out of here. Pulled again by Matt Williams only to have the pull pen (Storen) blow it. I know it’s a ways off but it will be difficult to resign Rendon and Harper as well.

    • I didn’t agree with pulling Jordan… Said it time and time again… But either way, this was just an organizational fail by Rizzo for putting together a very very inconsistent BP.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    The reporters will give Storen a pass. If they are doing their job, they need to be right in his cubicle with the question what the hell is going.

  • the best thing about this season is that Storen and MW will be gone after it

    • Not so fast on MW… I wouldn’t hold my breath. I don’t see Rizzo admitting that mistake,

      • If I was the Lerners, i’d get mattie another job with the franchise

        • ManassasNatsFan

          Let him coach Potomac.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    How do Trainen, Rivero and astoren think we can defend walks.

    Ask MW that qyestion and he will give some lame excuse.

    Time for him go in and kick simecass.

    He hasn’t call season so expect nothing now.

    Personal Rizzo got him no help.

  • I am so hopeful that the Nats find a way to sign Jordan….

  • Nationals not worthy. Sad.

  • Out of last 9 games 4 blown after 7th with lead

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Big Cat and both wanted the double steal to avoid the double play but of course MW rarely steals and sets up double plays regularly.

  • This baseball season can’t end fast enough… 2015 is brutal…

    • ManassasNatsFan

      The last 5 weeks Storen has been poison.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Storen thanks again. You have been our worse nightmare the last 5 weeks

  • Season

    • It was ‘over’ a while ago…. At least for me. I didnt think the Nats would make the post season. Was hoping to see better decisions and execution to give hope for next year and got nothing….

  • Would love to hear MWs supporters justify bunting Anthony…

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Biggest at-bat of Escobar’s season right here, right now. Be the man Yuni!

    • natslive

      Too bad DP Escobar strikes again

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Well, Nats end up the same place now with better speed with the Bryce walk as he would have been IBB’d with Werth at 2nd if ARen bunted successfully.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Bryce swinging at balls.

  • Playing for tie and not a win. Ugh

  • Shouldn’t Turner have pinch run for Werth there?…and why is REndon bunting there? what a s***show.

  • Let’s see what Bryce does…. Maybe he can salvage something here… Or does he talk about the fans and the mass exit again…. To deflect on his poor night at the plate.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    MW wht bunt? Idiot

  • Idiot!! Wtf!!!! Fire able

    • 3-1 – r u kidding??? Walk or hit more likely

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Idiot decision.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Fire him tonight please

  • Take it off!!

  • Kind of surprised that Anthony is bunting…

  • I’m sick of hearing all of the excuses. This team has issues performing in the clutch.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Not true at all and the facts certainly don’t back that up.

  • No!! Don’t bunt

    • ManassasNatsFan


    • Ghost of Steve M.

      If you do that, they walk Bryce. I don’t like that strategy. Let Rendon hit a HR

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Werth got a hit both last 9th innings.

    It’s the next group who stubk.

  • I like ray. He tells it like it is. I think he would be a good manager for us in 2016

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Yep, he does but many think times has passed him by.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Absolutely. Thinks like ne

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Maybe the Nats can pull it out

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Uh walk-off time!!!! Let’s get that positive energy going.

  • I’m going to go get some perspective.

    One to tie, two to win. Let’s go get ’em.

  • ManassasNatsFan asked why Storen was allowed to fold like a cheap suit. It’s because all the other suits had already been taken to the cleaners.

  • I know some people love Rizzo… But he isn’t above reproach for this either…

    • Anything that happens in the BP this year is entirely on Rizzo. He blew it up, he signed Janssen and he traded for Papelbon He owns the bullpen.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        I agree. I like Papelbon a lot but it’s a weak bullpen. It’s been weak all year. Along with the poor 2nd half of Scherzer, the bullpen meltdown and Scherzer poor starts are why the Nats aren’t in 1st place.

  • Epic fail. Can’t blame MW for this one.

  • Tonight is not on MW. 7th inning was a disgrace. Biggest disappointment was Drew, for me.

  • knoxvillenat

    Rivero had something of a meltdown on Monday so why wouldn’t Williams bring in Solis tonight to face a lefty? Was he unavailable for tonight?

    • I kind feel like Rivero is tired from over use. Seemed there was a stretch when he was going out every day.

      I want to say he is also pitching 3 days in a row…

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Have you seen Solis and Grace? They are Low Lev pitchers.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Why did Zim have 100 pitches so fast, strike zone issues again?

    • Don’t know. Didn’t agree with Jordan coming out.

      But Blake had no command tonight. Kept getting into 3-0 or 3-1 counts…

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Totally agree with JZim coming out. This bullpen is deep. In June, yes, you keep JZim in. Daniel Murphy could’ve tied the game with 1 swing and he’s done well against JZim.

        The Nats bullpen couldn’t keep a 7-1 lead. That’s where the blame is. That’s where the only blame should be.

        Rivero has not been great in the Highest of Hi Lev spots and Drew [email protected] the bed once again.

        Treinen didn’t lose the game but he didn’t help. He just didn’t have it tonight.

        We have to get to a point where we spot the issues and it was clear where the team’s issues are. Offense scored 7 runs. Relievers gave up 7 runs and the Nats starter gave up only 1.

        • ManassasNatsFan

          Rivero was in a liw leverage spot. 7-2

        • It was 7-1 when he left. MW left an inefficient Max in there, should have left an efficient JZimm in there.

          But regardless of that, it was 7-1, BP failed. I just stick with my feeling that Jordan should have at least started the 7th and then went from there,

      • ManassasNatsFan

        100 pitches way to many after 6

  • Seems all facets of the team can’t all get right… There was a stretch where the BP was lights out and now they have hit a rough patch.

    2 heartbreaking losses in a row…

    Organizational fail on so many levels…

    Got the ace pitching and enough run support and still couldn’t win. Not our season.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Starters start the problem. They don’t go deep enough. Then the bullpen implides in September.

      Storen in high leverage situation late in tge season 3 of last 4 years just throw gas on a fire.

      He needed to go after 2012 and still does.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Clippard makes MAT and Espi look bad. Way too many swing & misses there.

  • This kind of meltdown could be unrecoverable (as a franchise.) It defies all conventional understanding.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Storen three years in 4 has melted down late in the year.

      Rizzo got Palpelbon, but astoren found other ways to melt.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      It’s easily fixable. You know once and for all without all the personal love for Drew Storen that he can’t be part of the future bullpen here. He needs a new place.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    I still not sure why Rivero cane in?

    Then after that why Storen was allowed to pitch 5 guys.

    The bull pen guys might screw up, but he really just needed Trainen to get the third out.

    Too many cooks ruins the pot.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    I thought Ramos got that. Sent into the deepest part of the park.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Nats relievers couldn’t throw quality strike 1s. Couldn’t get ahead.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Quality strikes? Didn’t throw many strikes.

  • Rizzo has his work cut out for him this off season.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Did he not fall asleep at 7/31/15. Was he in denial? He needed a 7th inning stud like Benoit. Never got him.

      • He thought Jansen was the answer, when a lot of us made comments about how Jansen’s pitches looked fat… And how his pitches didn’t look like they were fooling Anyone…

        I wanted chapman, another bag and another reliever.

      • Unless Benoit comes here and gets a chicken bone caught in his throat. Then he should have gotten Chapman.

  • legnatsfan

    This is just unbelieveable. It’s not meant to be for the Nats this year. And now Clip is coming in to pitch against us.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      We will see when the final score is put up tonight.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    MW gave into the critics, brought in Storen in the 7th to put out the fire and Papelbon in the 8th and look what you got.

    This bullpen rivals some of the worst the Nats have ever had.

  • Really wish Jordan would have pitched the 7th… Imma keep saying this…

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Why was he taken out. I was at workm

  • All with 2 outs – curse of mw not owning up to Ruth trot

  • knoxvillenat

    So who are Paps and Harper going to call out after tonight?

  • Shot of the Mets dugout after the home run. Even their players look embarrassed.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Rizzo gave MW any bullets to play with.

      Storen has need the seasons in 2012 and 2014, now placing the nail on 2015.

      Hitters are hitting. Everyone was on their case before. They are not the problem.

  • I’m gonna say that that is the season right there. Adios Nats. Have fun golfing in October.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Asked 2 questions maybe no one saw.

    Why was Jordan taken out?

    Was ball three to Flores a strike.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      At 100 pitches and tying run stepping in the batting box with Daniel Murphy the lefty who has hit JZim well. I thought it was a smart move by MW.

      • Not me. And I said it. And I will keep saying it. I wish Jordan would have pitched the 7th….

        • Thornton wasn’t the problem here. He got his guy.

          • Regardless, I wanted Jordan for the 7th and then if he let 1 on, then go to Thornton… And have Paps go the last 2.

            Said this before and sticking with it.

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Why was Trainen taken out?

        Why was Storen allowed to fold like a cheap suit?

  • Gotta laugh….

  • All you have to do is throw strikes…

    Any reason why Desi was taken out…

    • Mike

      Double switch I would think.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Double switch so Paps can throw 2 innings.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Because of the double switch.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Nats are going to need to beat old friend Tyler Clippard like the Marlins just did because he’s coming in for the 8th.

  • zmunchkin

    At the game. But I plan to download the pitch fx data and see what it says.

    HP ump seemed to show a bias when he started to the mound almost immediately after Wilson walked out to talk to Storen.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      One close pitch but we will see what F/X says.

    • He’s probably as frustrated as anybody else ….

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd there goes the lead.

      We’re toast.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    The save was in the 7th inning. Maybe Pavelbon needed to get last out in the 7th.

    Think outside the box.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    FP making excuses for Drew Storen. Do you really think Drew thought those were strikes he was throwing?

    • Those weren’t excuses, FP was blaming Drew for being out of control and delusional.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    If Drew thought they were strikes, he is an idiot. None were close.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Are you referring to FP’s stupid comments?

  • Well, in Desmond’s defense there, they probably feel like they need a six-run home run.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Swung like an 800 foot HR counted twice.

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Just needed a single

  • More K’s. Expected. Did we really think Dez was going to come through in the clutch? Ha.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Desmond swings through 3 dead red fastballs. Addison Reed pitched him like he was a chump.

  • So non clutch. How can this happen??!! 7-1!!

  • even if they win tonight…the team will not have confidence in any lead given to the bullpen…then you’ll see some real tight playing with everyone swinging for the fences

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Screwed by the umps. Clint Robinson should have been on 1st with a walk.

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Did you see my question on Flores at bat?

  • Bad call blue!!

  • ManassasNatsFan

    On the radio. Dave made it sound like ball 3 could have been strikev3

  • From now on Bryce, shut your trap. Unless you can deliver when it counts, zip it.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Mets have used up their best pinch-hitters. 8th inning is the Mets 7-8-9

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    This is what the national media were calling for MW to do to bring in for Hi Lev spots like that Storen. Well MW once again did and Storen let all inherited runners to score and more.

    • Great point

    • So here is the thing… TONIGHT… 1 night, it’s not MW. Although, again. I wanted Jordan to go to the 7th.

      Tonight, 1 night, he did the right moves and the peeps failed in execution.

      This does not alleviate any of his last failures. This is 1 night.

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Why did he take Jordan out, I was at wirk

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Why did he take Trainan out for he was not as Rivero or Storen.

  • natslive

    BP is terrible….we don’t deserve to win with pitching like that but we do still have a chance as only tied at the moment. Can’t put this on MW – players have to perform…..I am still rooting for the Nats but this is unacceptable and is worthy of booing. Was Martin not available before Storen?

  • Glad everyone stayed to see another 0 for night, huh Bryce….

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Swung at Ball 4 again.

    • Rrrrarrr!!!

    • natslive

      I would say he doesn’t care but don’t believe that is the case…he’s lost his patience and trying too hard

  • ManassasNatsFan

    When you throw that many balls your release point is awful.

    That is McCatty’s job.

    He failed to coach.

    • Nothing was fixing drew. He needed to come out. It’s was obvious. Tymo is available

      • knoxvillenat

        Can TyMo pitch?

    • knoxvillenat

      Can’t “coach” a pitchers mechanics while in game. A coach can only do so much as most of their work is done pre-game or between games. At some point in time the bullpen staff has to put on some big boy pants and man up. Right now as a group they are not doing that.

  • 22 pitches and 7 strikes for Drew

  • A three-inning baseball game. Let’s go get ’em.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    MW keeping unsuccessful pitching in is a big problem. We have 10 guys in bullpen. He just let all three guys lose the plate.

  • What’s done is done. Score more.

    Did I say how I wish Jordan would have gone out in the 7th?

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Probably is this history keeps repeating itself.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Drew Storen + Hi Lev Pressure = Nats Pain

    • I think, I will be happy for him to go this off season. He really has caused more heart ache than anything else.

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Repeated time and time again.

        Lowcleverage no problem.

        Kigh leverageclate season nothing but problems

  • What a pathetic BP performance. Nats come back this inning. Drew gets the win. Go figure.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      I’m ok with that but who pitches the 8th for the Nats?

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Storen chojes I ke 2012, 2014 , Rockies twice.

    What is wrong when the games are most important that he cannot perform.

    Davey trusted him he let us liseca game won.

    Last year Matt trusted. He let us liseca game we won.

    Matt trusted him again tonight.

    When will we learn he not trust worthy in serious time?

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Wow, out of this inning. 6 runs given up on 2 hits.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    OK, lets all calm down. Nobody is getting DFA’d.

    • Perhaps they should be.

    • Was this Rivero and Trienan 3rd or 4th appearance in the row?

    • this is true but there is no fix for the 7th on this team…next year maybe they get someone or some maturity from either Treinan, Rivero, Barrett

  • Terrible. I’ll never ever ever trust drew. BP is horrible

  • When they do eventually get an out … and they will … they will get booed off the field here.

  • Can we get anyone off the waiver wire. This bullpen is awful..

  • ManassasNatsFan

    Storen is choking like a dog. MW is being 100% idiot leaving him after first walk

  • DFA Storen and Rivero

  • So do you blame MW for leaving Storen in?

  • Now, MW falls asleep. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IsawTeddywin

    I have nothing but sorrow for Williams at this point. You cannot win ball games unless you have pitchers

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Got great starting pitching and this bullpen looks AAA.

  • Storen cannot deal with the pressure. There’s been too many of these failures. Sorry, he’s not our guy.

  • I expect Duda to score. Drew has interesting splits against LHBs… damn, I wish Jordan could have gone in the 7th.

  • what’s freakin storen’s excuse

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    You have to pull Storen. He has nothing.

  • ManassasNatsFan

    MW if he leaves Storen in I will blaim 100%

  • Total self destruction in progress

    • ManassasNatsFan

      Anyone know want to know why we got Palpelbon. Watch Storen. Pitching like October.

  • Well, nobody’s leaving …

  • How has McCatty not come out and talked to Drew….

  • ManassasNatsFan

    I get out of work just as arendon strikes out.

    Then the bullpen does the same crap it has done all year.

    I would love ve to blame MW.

    ButcTraunen walks people, Rivero awful,

    Storen pitching lines it Octocer.

    Get us bullpen pitcher next year Rizzo. This getting really old really quick.

    Storen is melting down

  • Call a timeout!

  • This is unacceptable

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      What I found unacceptable is what I was saying the last 15 days of July is you need Chapman + Benoit and they got Papelbon which is fine but didn’t get the 2nd veteran needed. Relying on Janssen has been a mistake.

  • Drew should have started the inning, but still the stench of inevitability follows him as he serves it up to Cespesdes

    • Tonight, there was nothing that MW could have done different. This is all on his relief pitching.

      • ManassasNatsFan

        Pull Storen now

  • Thought bringing in Drew was a good call.. Wrong. Let’s get an out here!!

    • I didnt. But this is a fail becuz of the BP, simple as that.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      This is what all the critics keep telling Matt Williams to bring in your best reliever available which was Drew Storen.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    What is wrong with this bullpen? Outside of Papelbon, is there anyone you can really count on? Rivero’s heartbeat once again too fast and couldn’t get his man.

    • it’s been a problem all year long…too many rooks and now Storent is turning redder than kimbrell

    • Despicable

  • dcwx61

    at least he has some walking room

  • It’s all Matt Williams fault . . . Isn’t it?

    • that was the last series against the mets

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Not this time. This is on player execution.

    • Stop it with the silliness. MW has caused and created losses just as much as the BP.

  • I wanted Jordan to go to and thru the 7th…. but none of the relief were throwing strikes. This is a shame…

    And I said to the person sitting beside me watch Drew mess up.

  • unbelievable….treinan and rivero are too young to be relied on and Rizzo never fixed the bullpen

  • Ofcourse


  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Way to go Drew. [email protected] the bed again. Rivero could have done that.

    • Nah. That was right down the middle. Rivero was never anywhere near the plate.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Be the man Storen, be the man.

  • Too many youngsters in the BP and Janseen lost it..we play thy hope in thee,Joe Ross

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    MW going with his best arm in this now suddenly big spot.

    • I don’t think Drew is his best arm. Paps is… but yeah you can’t use him, so gotta go with Drew

  • Rivero, you’re fired!

  • That was the biggest moment in Rivero’s career and he choked.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Can someone throw quality strikes out of that bullpen? That is beyond ridiculous. Walked in 2 runs.

  • natslive

    Quit walking people!

  • This is nuts!!

  • natslive

    Come on BP don’t blow this. Rivero pitch like I know you can

  • That’s infuriating. Throw strikes!

  • At game so can’t keep up on thread, but do people still think It would have been a good idea to leave Treinan in longer (or bring him in earlier) yesterday?

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Different day. He didn’t have control today.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Treinen lays another egg. That is a horrible relief appearance. Couldn’t find the zone and didn’t believe in his stuff.

    • He has fantastic “stuff” but is curiously hittable

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        When he can’t locate to the 1st batter he faces with a 6 run lead. That’s a problem.

  • What’s wrong with zim?

  • Expected a shut down, Blake. I know we have a huge lead, but you’ve got to tighten up. Come on.

  • legnatsfan

    I’m not at the game but I bet that no one is leaving early tonight!

  • 16 years since inside the park slam per Carp

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Keep your edge Blake Treinen. Go after these guys.

  • Oh, and btw — rookie Michael Ayyyyyy Taylor will be on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight again tonight. Just saying.

    • +3

    • Can u imagine this year without him? He would catch Bryce if he has as many at bats. !!

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Great point. Slow start as he was learning on the job and then he picked it up. Had a mini slump then picked it up again!

  • The Baseball Gods — at least some of them — are trying to help.

  • natslive

    I see on Game Day MAT singled – yea! Must have been some error on Cespedes for everyone including MAT to score

    • Little League grand slam! Taylor singled through the infield, very hard. Cespedes tried to field it on the run to throw home, and it took a very bad hop (for him, great for us) and rolled all the way to the wall.

    • Ball got passed the center fielder.. To the wall. Everybody scores.

    • an over-agressive Cespedes although Carp/FP calling it an inside the park Grand Salami

    • Ball definitely took an unusually higher than expected hop

      • So outfielders don’t get body in front of those?

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Didn’t get a glove on it. Did you read my note before that Dave & Charlie said in Harvey’s last start against the Nats they had Espi’s single changed to an error that turned a 2 earned run game to a 0 earned run game.

  • Key momentum changing moment in this series…And the Mets Blink!

  • Omg omg omg omg!!

  • wow!

  • natslive

    Need the Bats to come alive – need more than 3 with our BP

  • Big moment

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Thank you for poor fielding Harvey.

  • Buffaloe! Let’s do it

  • Bad bunt! Lucky goof! Harvey karma!

  • Would have left Jordan in…. wanted him to go in the 7th.

    Do your job BP. And come on Nats Bats. Do more.

    See ya after the game.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      He could have if Granderson didn’t get that gift triple. What a K of Céspedes.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    That’s an Ace start and just what we needed!!!

    Way to go JZim! Well called game.

  • natslive

    Just checked in on a Game Day…Jordan has thrown 100 pitches but only 1 walk – did he go 3 balls on a lot of hitters to get that many in less than 6 innings?

    • Went 3-2 on first two batters IIRC

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Flores took him 9 pitches in 1 at-bat

  • Good move, Matt. Come on Thornton.

  • Shades of game 2 going to get Zimm? We’ll see.

  • Please tell me that Jordan isn’t being removed….


  • That looked like a terrible route that MAT took… why the double clutch….

    • Wasn’t a great route. Probably had a handful of gravel embedded in his palm at first.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Didn’t hurt and into the 7th for Nats pitchers

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Charlie on the radio just said in Harvey’s last appearance against the Nats the Mets got a Espi hit turned to an error and 2 earned runs became 2 unearned. When is the last time the Nats got a scoring change to their favor?

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Bryce now a career 0-19 against Harvey.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Way to go JZim. Nice K on Céspedes.

  • Question? If the fan touches that ball to help Rendon get the double could the ump then somehow negate the run?

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Typically 2 bases are awarded to the runner if the batter is given a double. They rarely give more even if the runner could have scored.

      • My thought was that might have an opportunity for the fan to ensure the double by interfering. As it turned out Rendon thrown out at 2nd. If two bases awarded to runner, then no downside to the alert fan (other than risking expulsion)

        • I would rat them out, personally. I hate that.

          Ball is in the stands, you help your guy. Balls on the field, don’t even.

          And Castillo should have been ruled out when Bartman interfered with a very catchable ball.

          Not that I’m bitter.

    • MLB Rule 3.16
      When there is spectator interference with any thrown or batted ball, the ball shall be dead at the moment of interference and the umpire shall impose such penalties as in his opinion will nullify the act of interference.

      APPROVED RULING: If spectator interference clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball, the umpire shall declare the batter out.

      Rule 3.16 Comment: There is a difference between a ball which has been thrown or batted into the stands, touching a spectator thereby being out of play even though it rebounds onto the field and a spectator going onto the field or reaching over, under or through a barrier and touching a ball in play or touching or otherwise interfering with a player. In the latter case it is clearly intentional and shall be dealt with as intentional interference as in

      Rule 3.15. Batter and runners shall be placed where in the umpire’s judgment they would have been had the interference not occurred.

      No interference shall be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing, rope or into a stand to catch a ball. He does so at his own risk. However, should a spectator reach out on the playing field side of such fence, railing or rope, and plainly prevent the fielder from catching the ball, then the batsman should be called out for the spectator’s interference.

  • So far Harvey looks a lot like a pitcher coming off Tommy John surgery.

    • Ghost of Steve M.


  • Is NatsPark a bandbox?

  • Ghost of Steve M.


  • In all the excitement, I completely forgot these runs are coming against Harvey. Woo.

  • That’s what I’m talkin about! NIce way to start his one! Woooooo!!!!! Pound the Mets!!!!!!

  • Re Ross to the bullpen: Did you see where the Brewers are putting Garza out of the rotation? He is NOT AT ALL OK with it.


  • Do. Or. Die.
    Period. End of story.

    Looks like only the fans are here tonight. We shall see.

  • nats128

    Just checking in. On my way to the ballpark and running late. Great comments today. MUST WIN go Nats!!!!

  • I’d be pretty surprised if we see Ross again, unless maybe Fister fails in his mop-up role. Quick warmups, and appearances two days in a row, or even with a day of rest, are not prescriptions for a fatigued arm. I’m not upset (except maybe about Roark replacing him, and even more stress on the Arson Squad). Ross did well while he was up here and by Spring he should be ready for 170 innings or so.

    • Gonats

      I think we will see him in some roles.

  • A few comments about the Harper gaffe — which I don’t think was much of a gaffe. No doubt Nats fans don’t have the hardy constitutions of Packers fans, or fevered frenzy of hockey fans (more like Lakers fans, actually).

    But the Nats should not, emphasize not, schedule summer home games, except for mandated get-away games, during daylight hours. From the right field bleachers around the outfield fans are under the broiler. As the sun moves around the stadium, more fans along the RF foul line come under the glare. My daughter and son-in-law in training like the seats just past the upper deck,for the price. Not me; when I’m out there in the middle of the day, I suffer, and declined their invitation to yesterday’s game until they agreed to seats in Section 108 under the mezz. (Plus, at any time, at least one and sometimes two OFs are staring into the Sun Monster.)

    Not only was it hotter’n Hades, after the seventh, all of the food vendors are closed — which I discovered when I went out at that point looking for a bottle of water at twenty times the supermarket price. What’s with closing the grills, etc., anyway? I know they don’t want people drinking before they go home, but “last call” just makes folks drink earlier and leave earlier. Why don’t they want people to eat?

    I insisted we wait — to let our parking lot clear a little bit — until the bottom of the eighth, wheh it was clear that offensive futility, for that game anyway, was chronic.

    I understand the players’ pride is hurt when they see fans streaming out of the stadium in their rear-view mirrors. But yesterday’s heat kept many Nats fans at home — there were plenty of available tickets — in that “perfect weather,” and drove many others home early (tho also motivated by the pitching farce). Good for Martin for restoring some dignity and giving the die-hards some reason to cheer.

    (If anyone tries to compare this to the playoffs — the playoffs are in October, and this, and July and August aren’t October.)

    • Section 222

      Well said Theo. It’s not like Labor Day is July 4 and they need to get the game out of the way before the fireworks or something. Plenty of teams played their games yesterday at night.

      Day games are popular and we’re always going to have Sunday games at 1:35 pm, but once it gets hot, early day games should be avoided. The Nats have started quite a few Saturday games at 4:05. That’s much better.

      • Gonats

        I stayed about to the end. I got out of my seats to hit the concourse in the 9th. Hot as heck.

  • Word is RZIM had an oblique flare up. Ugh.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      That was my response also. UGH. That guy has aches and pains everywhere. Just when it looked like he would carry this team now the team is carrying him off the field once again.

      As I said below as soon as he had that tumble slide onto his should at home on Thursday I had a bad feeling. He said he injured it in a swing but that slide was a collision in the ground and was his left shoulder. He then wasn’t even running well afterwards.

      • It never ends.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          It’s Ryan’s reputation and his legacy and many many many many people have defended him as not being frail and oft-injured like was the tag on Nick Johnson.

          I think it’s still a glass half full scenario but the past usually is the best indicator of the future and playing 100 games a year where you are “en fuego” for 30 games and your final line is like .249 .308 .465 .773 is good but not great because it only is for 100 to 115 games.

  • Not Ryan’s foot. His oblique. Says he can pinch hit. https://twitter.com/chasehughesCSN/status/641348498978271236

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Yep, ugh. I believe it all started Thursday on that awkward slide at home where he tumbled onto his shoulder. I had a bad feeling. That was the end of the power surge.

      • Steady Eddie

        Well he did hit one just a foot or so foul yesterday (before his first K in the 7th) that might have gone into the Nats’ bullpen had he straightened it out a bit. Not a massive blow but at least in wall scraper territory.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    BREAKING: Joe Ross to the Bullpen and Tanner Roark back to the rotation. Ross showed signs of fatigue.

    Ryan Zimmerman out with left oblique soreness not plantar fasciitis.

  • jd

    We really need JZim to pitch his best game of the year. The stars are not aligning in our favor. RZim out, Duda in etc.

    • Ghost of Steve M.


  • I’m wearing my Ramos jersey again, it worked quite well yesterday. It has his old number 3 on it, which I believe is Michael A’s number now, so I hope they BOTH hit Grand Slams. Wouldn’t that be a trip–and off Harvey, I’ve detested him for a long time.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Way to go! Did you see the guy on ESPN with a Nats real batting helmet and he attached Buffalo horns to each side? How cool is that. I would actually wear that to my favorite bar or in my media room watching the game!

      I think one story we have to do is the best dressed fans and the craziest fans and make it into a contest where we give something away. The guy who dresses as Michael Jackson in sequins and a red top coat and the ones on the dugout with the signs and the chickens are the ones MASN shows a lot. I think they need to pan the stands more for others.

      Nats have great fans and it’s people like NatsLady and MrsB and all the others that would even venture out by themselves to take in the ballgame. That’s how I prefer to do it myself so I only have to worry about me getting there and I usually meet friendlies in the stands anyway.

      We had our busiest day on TalkNats yesterday. Over 500 comments over all the different threads and nearly 3,000 site visits, and since the weekend several new people were approved.

      Welcome as this is fun and the only thing we need is for that long winning streak to start today.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    Duda in the starting lineup and playing 1st base for the Mets. Hoping he isn’t in mid-season form.

  • knoxvillenat

    So what’s up with RZ sitting out tonight? Is the foot acting up on him again?

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Yes, but they are saying it’s left oblique as the new problem. Said he felt it on a swing but I look at that slide on Thursday where he came down on his shoulder awkwardly as something that concerned me.

      • rayvil01

        I’ll tell you, that PF is so nasty. He really healed quickly to get back when he did. But, I was worried that it wasn’t long enough to get completely rid of it.

        BTW, Doc told me at the time that PF was related to hamstring tightness. That’s how is starts. Everything down the back of the leg is dominated by the hams. If they’re tight they’ll put a strain on everything up to the back and down to the feet. Eventually something starts to bark. I’m not qualified to refute that. Wondering out loud if this is the same leg as the hamstring tear last year.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          We may never know. The good news is CRob as a lefty could be the bat the Nats need tonight.

          I’m still hoping for a JZim gem. Long overdue and need one like Game 2 last year with a better ending of course. Can Papelbon get the last out? Yes.

  • Final thought on the Harper kerfuffle. The folks who stay to the end, every day and every night, tend to be concentrated in the less expensive, less telegenic seats.

    Paps, you’re new here, but you needn’t look for the high profile folks in the high dollar seats to be whooping it up for the paid help.

    • Steady Eddie

      Wanted to thank you for your cross-posted comment below — and say I thought Bryce actually was right to call out the fans for inadequate support but NOT for leaving early. I buy and mostly agree with the various leaving early reasons you and 222 in particular gave.

      I would also want to reemphasize what some (including Chase at NI) noted, which is that a fair number of those fans may not have left at all but went back under cover. Just at as an example, I ran into a co-worker/friend at the game who shares two partial plans with other folks and has tickets for every single remaining home game this month, who had left his seats in 103 and was watching from under cover on the concourses.

      But — I think you’ve accurately described the golf match crowd thing but I can’t accept it. I think it’s just wrong, especially for a game of this magnitude. The games 4 and 5 crowds in the 2012 playoffs weren’t like that at all, and mostly not in the 2014 playoffs (though there were a lot fewer scoring chances to cheer for last October). I’m not surprised about the lobbyists and socialites in the suites and the “be seen” seats, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of pre-pitch roaring other than in the fourth and fifth.

      Maybe people can gin up rationalizations for not cheering BEFORE pitches with a runner in scoring position or even just on first, but other than the fourth and fifth innings yesterday, it didn’t really happen much.

  • Was supposed to go to the game tonight… but my neice wanted to go… so doing the right thing and giving up my tix… sucks being an adult sometimes…

    So will be here, hopefully cheering the guys to a victory…

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Just got emailed by a member here with an extra $25 ticket or 2 next to the Nats bullpen 2nd row.

      • Just 1 tix or 2?

        • I think 1 or 2. It is AllstarsSportsMarketing’s son who has season tix. I think he is 25 years old.

          You can email me for his cellphone. He lives in Arlington

        • NatsFanSinceInception

          2 tickets

          • Ghost of Steve M.

            This is how our community works! Bam!

          • If you were 10 years old you could be NatsFanSinceConception. A lot of fans now born into it!

            Welcome to TalkNats!

            • NatsFanSinceInception

              Thanks for the welcome! Considering my dad was a Senator’s fan before I was born, I can say I was born into it even before the Nats existed 🙂

              • Ghost of Steve M.

                We are a mix of ages and I can tell you that there are people here who went to games before RFK at Griffith Stadium to see Harmon Killebrew playing for the Senators!

                I got to see Ted Williams managing the Senators!

          • NatsFanSinceInception

            This is AllstarsSportsMarketing’s son. I have 2 tickets available for both tonight and tomorrow night. They are in the 2nd row as was said in 139. They are right beside the Nat’s bullpen.

            • Ghost of Steve M.

              There needs to be a note with all tickets that you stay for the whole game especially since these seats are directly above Bryce in RF! 😉

            • I would take one for tomorrow but my boss is giving me two tickets. I’ll have one extra, but you have to meet me at the park because he printed them on two sides of the same sheet!

        • NatsFanSinceInception

          If you want 1 or 2 tickets for tonight, please let me know. I’d hate to see the tickets go to waste. How many did you need?

          • Can you give me your email address. Sorry, I got tix to this game thru work and ended up coming by myself.

            Want to inquire about tomorrow game. Thanks.

  • I’m always late to the party on commenting, in part because I bike to the games and by the time I get home, it’s too late to say anything new, and in part because my kids and my wife (and my employer) have no patience for me hanging out on the blog when I should be spending time with them!

    So – thoughts before getting on my bike to head to tonight’s game.

    1. Yesterday was a bad loss. For many reasons that have been laid out here (momentum, matchups, a lead in the 5th) it was an important game to win. (It also broke my personal 9 game winning streak, which I’m bitter about).
    2. I don’t see how this can be blamed on MW. I too was wondering why he didn’t pinch hit in the 5th and kept muttering about it the rest of the game. But given what he has in the pen, I understand the difficulty of the choice. I probably would have decided differently. But think about it this way – if he pinch hits, the most likely outcome is an out. Then he goes to the bullpen. If the bullpen the gives up 3 (or more, since they’d have another inning in which to screw up) don’t you think a lot of people here would be on his case about going to the pen too early when Scherzer had “only given up 4 in 5 innings”? Anyway – it was a tough call and the players didn’t perform (why no runs off the Mets bullpen, which gave up many runs to the Phillies, Red Sox and Marlins in the last couple weeks?)
    3. That was a silly thing for Bryce to say. Particularly after his very poor at-bat in the 9th, when he tried to hit a three run HR with only one runner on base. Big Bryce fan, but taking frustration out on fans is not a good idea. Maybe take it out on Harvey instead.
    4. The season is NOT over because of last night’s loss. Because of the Braves sweep and the help from the Marlins, 2 of 3 is fine. It’s just the next two are harder to get. Harvey will be extremely motivated tonight, as his performance will be the main focus of everyone who pays attention baseball who is not a Nats fan(guaranteed it leads on ESPN and will be the cover story in the NY tabloids). He strikes me as a guy who tends to rise to the occasion. So Jz will need to be close to perfect, and the Nats may need to win the battle of the bullpens, which they lost so badly last night.
    5. I will be there trying to start a new winning streak. And I will be there til the end!

    • It wasnt just about the ‘4 runs in 5 innings’. He was hit hard all day, countless doubles (warning track and more) After not being able to have the shut down inning coming out the 4th, no one was surprised when he gave up the leadoff double coming out the 5th. Everyone and their mother knew that Max was not on yesterday… except for Matt.

      • And each of the first two hitters he was due to face already had a home run off of him.

        • And there is that. There was nothing that Max was doing yesterday that gave anyone (well, at least me) confidence that he would be able to come in and shut it down.

          And what does he do – promptly give up a leadoff single…

          Had MW taken Max out and given the Nats a chance to score more runs, no one would be harping. Especially because Max was just so poor yesterday (yes, I think that 5 runs by the ace is poor)

      • jd

        And the people he brought in after Scherzer left were worse (gasoline on the fire). It’s not just about taking someone out, it’s pitting someone else in who you think can get you through the middle innings and as you saw we don’t have many of these types you can bet the mortgage on.

        • That is incorrect. We don’t know what would have happened had things been different. Maybe Blake is allowed to get out of his jam and pitch a clean inning. Maybe get gives up 1 run, we just don’t know.

          But to continue with Max, who struggled and is a big reason why we lost, is idiotic at best.

          • jd

            You can disagree with the move but I don’t think it was idiotic. I can tell you for sure that based on what I have seen from the pen over most of the year I don’t expect they would have been able to hold the lead. Max was bad yesterday but he gave up 5 runs in 6 innings, the bullpen gave up 3 runs in 1 inning. I think that should speak volumes about what you could or should expect game in and game out.

    • Shoot – missed the 5 minute mark. (Started working again)

      It was just one of the many reasons that we lost this game… not the sole but it starts the whole process of questioning. I, for 1 believe, that Matt denDekker would have gotten a hit and made the game 7-4, which gives even more breathing room … but alas we will never know.

      I just know that sending Maxx out there for the 5th was the absolute wrong answer…

      • I agree that Max was barely better than batting practice. I might have thought about bringing in Roark (and yes I know he’ll be replacing Ross. But this game was moe important than next Sunday’s). But even our best pinch hitter was going to make an out 7-8 times out of 10. So I see the difficulty.

        • For the record, denDekker is 4 for 10 pinch hitting this season. Maybe he’d have been 4 for 11 after yesterday, who knows?

          But I’ll bet he’d have forgone a month’s salary to get a shot in that situation yesterday.

          • Ghost of Steve M.

            He did have the righthander just inserted into the game which gave him good odds. Scherzer hasaabout a .167 chance in that AB vs MdD at a reasonable .275 in that situation. I like MdD odds better.

    • Just one point that may or may not go without saying (as if anything obvious ever went unsaid on the Internet!), but I think folks vastly overestimate the number of f**ks Matt Willams gives what we think of his decisions. At least I hope so.

  • Well, Bryce will stay Oh-for if he ducks a tough pitcher. Not that he would. I can’t see how Matt would sit the leading NL MVP candidate in a must-win game.

  • 2016 schedule is up. Oddly, the Nats have an off-day on a Friday.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Is that a typo? I’ve never heard of that before.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        I see now with the Opening Day on a Thursday.

  • Bryce Harper is a career .000 in 17 at-bats. Is tonight Bryce gets a “rest” day? What would you do?

    Matt denDekker to the white courtesy phone, please? Paging Mr Matt denDekker…

    Hee hee. I crack myself up, sometimes.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Bryce is sooooo due! I wonder what MW does.

      • He has to play him. Whether it’s the best baseball decision or not, in this case he really has no choice.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          I would agree unless Bryce says “rest” me.

          • No chance that happens.

            • Ghost of Steve M.

              Would agree.

              • rayvil01

                Bryce ain’t begging off. Not happening.

              • legnatsfan

                No way! Can you imagine what the fans would say about MW if he rested Bryce tonight.

  • I’m going to cross-post what I said at NI. Apologies to those who’ll need to scroll past it a second time.

    Washington baseball crowds are more like a concert audience or a tennis or golf gallery than, say, a football crowd. They sit and watch, pretty attentively for the most part, and reward good play with applause and grumble quietly among themselves (rather than boo lustily) when things go amiss for the home nine. It’s unusual for them to take it upon themselves to try and rally the troops. I’ve made my peace with this.

    I stayed til the end because a) that’s what I do, and b) my seats were shady and relatively cool. But after watching the Nats cough up yet another 5-3 lead and turn it into an 8-5 deficit, managing only a single base runner after the game was tied, I have little quarrel with those sweltering in the sun, surrounded by gleeful Mets fans, who decided maybe they could salvage something enjoyable from what was left of their holiday.

    Bryce, the ball club checked out before the fans did. You guys just aren’t allowed to go home. After a “brutal” loss, our intrepid skipper always tells us “That’s baseball, dude. We will just forget about this one and move along to the next game.” The same is true of us fans. We will be back tonight. Make sure you and your teammates are.

    I’ll be there until the final bell tonight, hoping and expecting to win.

    But however offhanded and spontaneous Bryce’s comment was (I don’t think he set out to offend the faithful) it’s just exactly like the preacher who harangues the choir and the few parishioners in the pews for the non-attendance of those… not in attendance.

    A small apology is in order.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      You nailed it for the most part. On the playoffs and Strasburg’s debut and Opening Day it’s a more mixed crowd as the “event” people show up who are somewhat rowdier.

      • The sea of humanity streaming for the exits after Strasburg was removed after the seventh in his debut was far more irritating than the hot mess yesterday.

    • scnatsfan

      No matter what, people pay alot of money – ALOT – to go to games. No one asked for their money back, they chose to stop watching the team throw up on itself – AGAIN. If Bryce and the boys want to stadium to stay full then do your jobs.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Agreed but I saw plenty of red there in the bottom of the 8th

    • rayvil01

      Pretty much every game there is a stream of people coming in through the fourth inning. And, there’s a stream leaving starting in the sixth. If you look out past the Johnny and Ray tent you’ll see it. Even during the ten-game streak last year with the walkoffs. Folks just beatin’ feet out of there. Just amazing.

      Yesterday’s was probably more noticeable than most.

      • I really don’t have an issue with Harper’s comment. I know there are a lot of long time and/or hard core fans who are chafed by what Bryce said, but the reality is that this team attracts a lot of folks I characterize as being more into event attendance than a baseball game. By that I mean folks who show up late or leave early because it really is not a priority to them to see the whole game, who would rather miss the end of the game than deal with post-game traffic out of their garage or onto the highway, or whose main purpose in attending is to hang out with friends or stand around in the beer loft, etc. I get it that they (or someone) paid for their ticket and they can do what they please, but it is not unfair to point out that it is noticeable when these folks up and leave at the first sign of late-game adversity. I’d note as well that the issue seems most pronounced in the field level seats.

        My theory on this is that many of those seats are occupied by folks with small shares of a season plan or folks using corporate or firm seats, so their investment in the team or a particular game is not that great. Excluding the 400 level, which tends to be single-game purchasers, my experience is that the higher-up the seat, the more likely the ticket holder is to stay the whole game. This is probably a function of the fact that most folks buying packages for their exclusive buy the more affordable seats.

        I also get that it’s hot in the sun and some folks have small kids and someone’s dog might be old and couldn’t hold it in for the time it would take them to attend a full game and get home, but don’t tell me the mass exodus after giving up three runs in the 7th was the coincidental exiting of everyone with a good reason to have left. It was a few of those folks joined by a small army of fair weather types. What Bryce said is true. Maybe it wasn’t the most PC thing to say, but I have no issue with him stating the painfully obvious.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          Welcome That might be the best name registered here!

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          Many people felt slighted by his comments and have said it was very hot and many people took to the concourse and didn’t return. Never noticed watching on TV nor did I see a sea of red leaving in large groups.

        • I bet you have a great comment but I cant get past the name… hahahahahaha genius… hahahahahahahahahah

          What Bryce said wasnt ‘true’ – you just happen to agree with him. There is a difference.

          FWIW – sitting on that side of the stadium is brutal. Bryce gets a break. But either way, I’m sure people didn’t want to sit and see how the game ended, with our 2/3/4 hitters K’ing like that either. Maybe tell everyone to do their job and people will stay. People pay for tix, so if they want to stay for the whole thing, or half or anything else, that is their prerogative. How anyone else can complain, not like you bought their tix…


          • From where I was on the right side, you could see not only the concourse, but the street to Metro outside CF. Folks did leave in large numbers. Many others took to the shade.

            Bryce is free to b**** about it if he feels so moved — from his POV, it does suck. But the players are no more entitled to playoff-level fan support than the fans are entitled to a championship.

          • Just to be clear, I have no issues with anyone seeking refuge in the shade. Summer afternoon games in the sunny seats are not for the unprepared. My gripe is that a three-run deficit is not great, but not remotely unbridgeable, even if the bats appear to be cold. I don’t begrudge Harper for pointing out that it might be a bit demoralizing for the team to see a mass exodus in that circumstance in that particular game. As I said, folks have every right to use their tickets as they see fit, but having to explain away yesterday’s mass exodus is not the easiest chore for one trying to defend D.C. as a sports town.

            • not the easiest chore for one trying to defend D.C. as a sports town.

              I suppose. It is what it is. It ain’t NYC, and it ain’t KC. It’s not the biggest Big Sports market, and it’s far from the smallest.

              It is what it is.

              • Ghost of Steve M.

                They also don’t pipe in fan noise to make it seem bigger and more passionate like some baseball stadiums that use synthetic means to keep fans into the game like casinos do to lure gamblers. Last year a football stadium got fined for doing that. Apparently nobody is calling out baseball stadiums to do it. Maybe the Nats should try it so it’s not just Terrence yelling chants for the fans. 😉

                Leaving games early does become contagious. The energy was there in the 4th and sucked out by the top of the 7th.

            • Ghost of Steve M.

              Matz who writes DC sports for ESPN sided with Bryce and ran with the story.

              It is getting blown out of proportion.

              Talk about brutal is this article that paints DC and Nats fans as bad fans:


              • Section 222

                Never heard of this guy. Was he at the game? Apparently not since there’s no mention of the heat and sun.

                But look at his last sentence — why does he think it’s right to paint the entire fanbase with this brush? What’s the cutoff for how many can leave the game? 5, 50, 500, 5,000? Because some people left early “Nats fans” don’t have passion? That’s absurd.

                It’s one thing to be critical of those fans who left. I think it’s wrong for reasons I have expressed many times here and on NI. But to say “Nats fans” aren’t passionate because of it? Sorry, that’s lazy and dumb.

              • Ghost of Steve M.

                Sec222, exactly! Written like a guy who wants to stir up the pot and Bryce gave him the soundbite.

                Sure, some fans suck and that’s what you get in any fanbase. It takes all types to make the world.

                This from Rizzo: Rizzo also had comments on Bryce’s comments after yesterday’s game to emotions after a tough game and chalked up the comments to a player “who wears his heart on his sleeve”.

        • Gonats

          Top name on here. I like it.