Updated: 2 Walk-offs in 1 night gets the Nats to within 5 of 1st Place. 7 videos attached!

Question: What do April 28th and September 4th have in common?

Answer:  The 2 greatest comebacks in the season.

Both have come in Teheran starts where the Braves had the victory already rung up. Not so fast! Dan Uggla hit a 3 run HR just like Michael A. Taylor to win these games.  OK, the drama on Uggla doing it against the Braves closer Grilli in an 0-2 count with the Nats behind 12-10 in the Nats greatest comeback in their history isn’t apples to apples in comparison but the similarities are almost too alike.

Friday’s game all started with a clutch 9th inning hitting by Matt den Dekker with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th to drive in the tying run to make the score 2-2, and Michael A. Taylor walks it off on a booming 3 run HR in the 10th inning. #Clutch #Walkoff #WalkoffCity





There is a Papelbon post-game video at his locker where he is tongue-in-cheek saying he saw some fans sitting down.  It is good stuff and while he’s talking he pauses to the happy screams of his teammates who are cheering the Marlins walk-off.  We will try to find a link to the video.  Here’s the Papelbon quotes from that interview at his locker, “These games from here on out are going to be playoff-type games and playoff-type atmospheres. I got a little bone to pick with some of the fans here tonight.  I saw a few of them sitting down. I’m not gonna lie. We need to stand on up in those situations. Let’s get that going, you know what I mean, because this is playoff baseball.”


How quick Matt Williams goes from “idiot” to “wizardry”. Watch the video and read the article attached.

ESPN BASEBALL TONIGHT VIDEO with attached article entitled “Matt Williams’ wizardry helps Nationals gain ground in NL East”

ESPN BASEBALL TONIGHT discusses Matt Williams strategy


Here’s the section on the Marlins walk-off and Matt Harvey news:

The Marlins used a double by Prado who got 5 hits on the night to drive in Yelich all the way from 1st base to beat the Mets in 11 innings in Miami.

The Mets haven’t lost 2 deGrom starts in a row since the end of April when the Yankees and Nats beat the Mets in consecutive games that deGrom started.  DeGrom also moved to 169 innings pitched and while he’s been good, he hasn’t been great recently.

There is also the controversy brewing between the Mets and agent Scott Boras on Matt Harvey’s innings limit.  Word is Boras wants him capped at 180 and there is this Tweet that differs:

More to follow!

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  • senators69

    Watching the MASN clip again, it sounded like the MASN guy said “Michael A Tater”.
    If so, that would be a good one, if not, well…maybe a new phrase is coined right here on talknats!

  • Section 222

    Great collection of videos and stories about last night. Thanks Ghost.

    I will grant that MW made some good moves last night. About time. But can we lay to rest the idea that it was outside the box to use Pap in the 9th with the game tied. That’s by the book managing when you’re at home. Those who are lauding that move because they are remembering when he didn’t do it in St. Louis haven’t quite grasped that the situations are completely different.

    Now, double-switching so that Pap could go two innings? That was smart. And I loved Pap’s discussion of it. (“I try not to do it much early in the season, but I’ve done it alot late in the season and in the playoffs.”)

    Credit where credit is due, but not where it’s not.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Using your closer in a close/tie game in the 9th at home is what the book says. I think it was a no-brainer. Letting Paps go 2 innings was ballsy as he might not be available tonight.

      Read our new post. That didn’t even make the top 7 decisions. It is the #8 decision.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Good point on the double-switch. MW doesn’t do it often but even if you don’t go 2 innings with Papelbon it saved MW a bench bat as he was running low.

      Another reason Difo needs to be on the Nats and I would say Goodwin also. You are trying to win and you see how short the bench went. Severino becomes the 3rd catcher and along with Uggla that bench got thin real quick.

      The rules allow you to carry 40 players which isn’t realistic but as we saw on Tuesday the short bullpen and bench came into play, and last night the bench got short quickly.

      • Section 222

        If you don’t go two innings with Pap. what’s the difference? You just PH MdD for him when his spot comes up. But if you double switch, you get Pap for 2, and have MdD for defense. Of course, you lose CRob’s bat for extras, but on balance it was the right move here, as long as you give Pap a second inning. Fortunately for us, MdD’s hit gave him a second inning to pitch.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          You’re right there is no difference. It was smart either way to save a bench that was greeting short but also keep the option open to pitch Pap 2 innings

          • Section 222

            Yes. The option to leave Pap in was key, and that was clearly what MW was planning if we tied the game. As far as saving the bench goes, it really didn’t because one way or another you were going to use a bench bat in the no. 9 spot. And now that I think about it, MW was locking himself in to MdD batting in that situation. He couldn’t bring up Uggla to PH there even if Uggla had a better chance of getting the game tying hit. All of this shows how many things the manager has to think about in real time, whereas we can kick it around for hours or (as in the case of his Game 4 pitching decisions last year) months afterward.

  • nats128

    I fell asleep right after the walkoff. I slept like a baby. Thank you Nats.

    TBT, if the Nats lost I would be hammering on Drew Storen and the 3 failures to score runners on 3rd with 1 out. Glad I can be all positive!

    • nats128

      The videos you attached are great. The Papelbon quotes are real good. So much for those calling him a cancer in the clubhouse and a a$$hole. Sure, thats how he comes off to other teams and now hes our a$$hole. Pitched his heart out last night but I wonder why MW didnt go to Treinen for the 10th. Was it to prove a point to all his critics?

      I guess it worked on that ESPN video you attached. Calling it wizardry by the writer could be a little over the top just like the masterful comment by Rizzo.

      • Gonats

        Paps Blue Ribbon was asked about pitching 2 innings and here’s what he said:

        “Matt just makes the decision. I follow him. He’s skip. I’ve always told him I’m good to go. You throw me when you need me. No need to ask me any day. I’m gonna do everything I need to prepare every day and if something happens where I simply can’t, I’ll know. Other than that, ready to pitch.”

  • Gonats

    8 videos! I will start to watch!

  • Mike

    I am still not sure the Nats can dig out of the hole they made for themselves. But if they do last night will be remembered as the point the season turned around.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      The 2 greatest comebacks of this year have come in Teheran starts where the Braves had the victory already rung up. Not so fast!

  • .what a game!!!! And mets loose lose !

    MAT > Werth – he just is.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      I had to spellcheck you. Mets lose. Mets are not loose.

  • Ghost of Steve M.

    This is a must read on the Harvey hot mess! The Sandy Alderson-Scott Boras-Dr. Andrews triangle is just incredible.


    • What a mess! Ugh.

    • Ultimately it is up to the team, but whether or not they shut Harvey down, it’s going to be controversial. Look what happened with Strasburg in 2012. Wainwright is a different case, given his age at the time of TJ. The comparables are folks like Strasburg and Zimmermann.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        Not so fast. The MLBPA could take this up in an injunction if they believe there is a team “endangering the health of a player”.

        It doesn’t mean they will, but they could and I’m not sure if there is precedence for this.

      • zmunchkin

        And there is also the issue of reduced effectiveness as the innings mount up. Stras was pulled from a game and even though he was scheduled for another start, the Nats shut him down because he was not pitching well. I recall he started going downhill quickly towards the end of his 2012 season.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          Same thing happened to JZim. The smart people remember that but guys like John Feinstein will keep bringing up the shutdown.

          Too many stories on the subject have been “click bait” to incite emotions on the Strasburg shutdown and the same will happen with Harvey who is already at 166 1/3 innings this season.

    • legnatsfan

      The Nats can make the decision very easy for the Mets by over-taking them to win the division.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        I like the way you think!

  • senators69

    Nice updated story, Steve! Says it all and with pics too!

  • I know NL east is our target, but pass Giants tonight in WC race. SF in free fall right now… Too bad. Hehe

    • Gonats

      Would need the Cubs to implode

  • MDD has been clutch. Earned a start, IMO.

    • I ain’t taking a clutch PH bat like that off the bench. He’s earned a job, and that’s it. Pays well, gets the respect of his colleagues, and he never carries his own bags.

      • Gonats

        That guy won the Dodgers game and if he doesn’t get that hit in the 9th tonight there is no Nats win. There is no player with such few at-bats as MdD to have this kind of impact on Nats wins.

  • senators69

    Yup 5 back now. Just kills me — the games we lost but could have won. Two recently in St Louis. Others in past months. Shoot, we could be right there or ahead of the Mets!

    Here’s hoping Nats get on a tear and los Metos get caught with bickering and thinking they already have it wrapped up.

    • Last six losses the Nats either had a lead in the 7th inning or trailed by a run and had a runner at third with less than 2 outs in the eighth or later. You’d expect an average team to win at least 3 or 4 of those. Which would put us a game or two back.

      • senators69

        ADCWonk’s post today covered a lot of the issues. That, pitching, MattW’s seeming mis-judgements, etc and we are at this point.

        • Gonats

          Wonk wrote a great piece! This blog is taking lots of talented people with some really good points of view.

          WONK WONK!

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Those 2 losses at home against the Rockies was inexcusable when you have a 3 run lead and blow it and a late inning tie blown.

      Luckily tonight the team picked up Storen and everyone else who didn’t execute.

      By the way, Desi came through with the 2 strike bunt in the 9th and that needed mention.

      • rayvil01

        Yes, that bunt was key. Glad to see him do that after the latest batch of bases-loaded whiffs.

  • Gonats

    Thoughts on Papelbon? I thought he was clutch once again and gave a great interview to MASN. He has been one of the shining stars in that bullpen. Might be time to move Treinen to the 8th and Drew to ROOGY stopper work.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      In Drew’s defense if Bryce is in RF either Freeman stays at 3rd or he throws Freeman out at home.

      • senators69

        Yes, and if Drew can get his head right, he’ll be fine. He has all the pitches. Unless he’s hurt, it’s all between his ears.

      • Maybe so – but he’s giving up runs more often than not, which in pretty sure is not the set up guy’s job.

        That said – no one besides Pap has been reliable.

        • Ghost of Steve M.

          I like Rivero. Treinen since his return has been excellent. This team has to have Storen and Janssen step up.

  • nats128

    Does any one know why there was no Choc Off Walk Off tonight? Do you see my avatar! Hersheys Nats Chocolate Sauce!

    • Section 222

      I wondered about that too. Maybe they decided that for a second place team in a pennant chase, the chocolate sauce would seem a bit unserious.

      • Ghost of Steve M.

        I think that’s exactly right. The Choc Off Walk Off hopefully makes a comeback!

        Mets creating bad Karma talking about a postseason starting rotation. Not close to clinching and not good form to count your chickens before they hatch.

  • Just a great night to get the bonus walkoff in Miami.

    Sleep well Nats!!!!

  • senators69

    High School teammates MattdD and MAT get it done!
    That must have been a heck of a high school team!

  • Mets lose a DeGrom start and are dealing with Harvey controversy.

    Nats win with clutch hit by ex-Met.

    If momentum were going to shift, this is how it would look.

    • Ghost of Steve M.

      Good summation of the problems with the Mets. Pressure on high! They folded tonight.

    • Gonats

      You mean Mets lose ANOTHER deGrom start and are dealing with Harvey controversy.