Can Mike Rizzo make a trade to help the Nats?

The waiver trade deadline to be post-season eligible is August 31st, and it’s looking doubtful that Mike Rizzo will delve into a big trade, but you never say never as Riz last year pulled a rabbit out of his cap and got Matt Thornton on August 5th last year for less than a bag of balls, and all the Nats had to do was pick up the rest of Thornton’s contract.

Carlos Gonzalez and Jay Bruce are the 2 biggest names that I’m sure Rizzo has pondered along with some bullpen arms.  There is not only the monetary consideration but also the trade of prospects that the Nats protect like their own kids.  Joe “Cool” Ross, Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Wilmer Difo, Trea Turner, Eric Fedde, and on and on.  These are the building blocks of the Nats future, and the Nats don’t want to turn into the Philadelphia Phillies.

So when you consider how Mike Rizzo feels about his prospects, it makes a big trade that isn’t more about a salary dump a little out of the realm, and the other possibility is what Rizzo did for Papelbon which was a lower level prospect.  Would Rizzo move a Voth or Goodwin or Skole?

Photo Credit ESPN

Photo Credit ESPN

Mike Rizzo once said, We’re constantly evaluating ourselves. Self-evaluation is the most important evaluation that you make. The most important team that you cover is your own. You need to know what your own strengths and weaknesses are — not only on a player level, but on a personnel level — the people who are in positions to affect your players.

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