The Span Effect With Harper

Ken Rosenthal tweeted this today “For #Nationals, it might be as simple as this: 35-24 when Span is in lineup, 23-35 when he is not. Span began rehab assignment yesterday.”

I made a post on NatsInsider a while back with similar stats in a smaller sample size saying when Denard Span plays he has the most positive impact on the team in terms of wins.

That was met with an immediate comment that Bryce Harper is the MVP of the team and I don’t know what I’m talking about. Well of course Bryce Harper is the MVP of the Nats for 2015, but 1 player can’t do it all by himself.  Stats say when Span plays the Win % record is the best of any Nat playing more than 10 games. Of course you want Bryce in there with Span and that’s been the case for almost all the games Span has appeared in which is why you need BOTH!

You need a tablesetter and more than just Bryce.  Span to Esco to Bryce is a formidable 1-2-3.  I’d probably move MAT back to LF and then back in the order where he’s more effective.

It’s also time to see if Rendon can find his groove.  He’s been struggling also while Espi might need some starts.

Most of all this team needs great starting pitching and Storen to get back to being shutdown.

Tomorrow has to begin a Nats winning streak.

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