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What is the Prospect Promotion Incentive?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that is in place now from 2022, put measures in-place to discourage service time manipulation. One measure is the Prospect Promotion Incentive and for the first time, it could impact the Washington Nationals. What impact … Continue reading

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The 14 new Washington Nationals prospects via International Free Agency

Here (pictured above) are 11 of the 14 new Washington Nationals prospects signed officially today as part of this International Free Agency class as reported by Anthony Puesán and @NationalsSource 

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Do the Nats band-aid 2021 and then go all in with money in 2022?

Nationals Source- The real question for the Nats is do they want to band-aid 2021 and go all in with money in 2022… or sign the big one this year. Steve – I have wondered the same if you step back … Continue reading

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