Top 5 New York Yankees Trade Targets to Boost World Series Chances

The New York Yankees are sitting near the top of the MLB standings, giving their fans much hope for a World Series this year. While the Yankees’ lineup is already strong, ranking in the top five for every major category, and their pitching has been just as impressive, especially without Gerrit Cole who could be back this month, there’s always room for improvement.

As the summer approaches, the Yankees might seek to enhance their roster even further. Here are our top four trade targets that could help boost their World Series chances.

1. Luis Reingifo – Los Angeles Angels

DJ LeMahieu’s anticipated return to the Yankees lineup in June brings some optimism, but his health remains a significant concern due to his recent series of setbacks. Given that he will be turning 36 in July, it’s uncertain whether he can sustain his level of performance.

This makes it crucial for the team to have a reliable backup plan. Luis Rengifo from the Los Angeles Angels could be the Yankees’ answer. The 27-year-old switch-hitter has been outstanding this season, boasting a .308/.362/.462 slash line, with 12 stolen bases and a 134 wRC+. Additionally, Rengifo has demonstrated consistent performance over the last two seasons with a .793 OPS and 116 OPS+.

His versatility allows him to play second base, shortstop, and corner outfield, making him an invaluable asset for the Yankees. Acquiring Rengifo could significantly enhance the New York Yankees MLB Odds on FanDuel Sportsbook, solidifying their World Series chase.

2. Elias Diaz – Colorado Rockies

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, the Colorado Rockies are anticipated to be sellers, presenting an opportunity for the Yankees to strengthen their roster. Although there is potential in giving prospect Austin Wells some experience at the major-league level, relying on him during a serious World Series campaign might be too risky. Wells could struggle and become a weak spot in the lineup, especially when postseason success is on the line.

Acquiring Elias Diaz from the Rockies could be a strategic move for the Yankees. Diaz, with his ability to share catching duties with Jose Trevino, offers a balanced blend of defensive skills and offensive capability. He ranks sixth in Catch-Framing Runs this season, ensuring that the Yankees will retain strong defensive performances behind the plate.

Offensively, Diaz has a solid .280/.326/.422 slash line and a .747 OPS since the start of the 2023 season, making him a reliable contributor at bat. Bringing in Diaz would allow Austin Wells to continue developing at the Triple-A level, ensuring he gets consistent at-bats and is better prepared for future contributions.

3. Tanner Scott – Miami Marlins

Relievers are a constant focus for the Yankees when it comes to trade considerations, regardless of bullpen strength. A prime candidate this season is Miami Marlins closer Tanner Scott. As a left-handed reliever who can come in during the late innings or crucial moments in October, Scott would be an excellent half-season rental.

At 29 years old, he’s been phenomenal on the mound over the past two seasons, boasting a 2.18 ERA in his last 99 innings. His 126-42 strikeout-to-walk ratio and 1.08 WHIP highlight his control and effectiveness. Scott also impresses with an 11.5 strikeout per nine innings rate.

He’s consistently tough on hitters, whether they’re left-handed (.143/.333/.238) or right-handed (.173/.328/.231). While he might not be the most high-profile trade option, his performance and potential cost make him an attractive target for the Yankees.

4. Ryan Helsley – St. Louis Cardinals

While Oakland Athletics closer Mason Miller might be a popular trade target for the Yankees, his high price tag due to his contract control through 2029 and past injury concerns make him a risky option. Instead, Ryan Helsley from the St. Louis Cardinals presents a more feasible and cost-effective choice. The 29-year-old Helsley has been impressive this season, striking out nearly 29 percent of the batters he’s faced and allowing opponents just a .190 batting average.

With a 0.86 WHIP and a 1.23 ERA, Helsley showcases both control and effectiveness on the mound. His performance isn’t just a fluke; he has maintained a 1.61 ERA and a .153 batting average against 123.1 innings since the 2022 season, along with a remarkable 36.3 percent strikeout rate. Additionally, Helsley is under team control for the next season, making him a valuable asset for both the short and long term as the Yankees pursue their World Series ambitions.

5. Hunter Harvey – Washington Nationals

As mentioned above about Mason Miller having a high price tag, Hunter Harvey would be a little more reasonably priced as a trade target, and especially if the Cardinals think they shot at the playoffs — they won’t be trading Helsley. With Harvey, you get team control through the 2025 season, and a WHIP close to Helsley at 0.89. Harvey can close or be a set-up man.

The Yankees will need several names on their shopping list. Tanner Scott should be the first to go with the Marlins way out of the playoff picture. Besides Harvey, there is his teammate Kyle Finnegan who will have some teams asking.

The Takeaway

Adding these players could significantly strengthen the Yankees’ roster and boost their World Series chances. Luis Rengifo provides infield versatility and solid hitting. Elias Diaz offers defensive skills and offensive reliability. Tanner Scott is a dependable reliever for crucial moments, and Ryan Helsley brings effectiveness and control to the bullpen. Hunter Harvey brings the ability to close or be a key set-up reliever. These strategic additions could be the key to the Yankees’ success in the postseason.

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