Building the Ultimate Washington Nationals Fantasy Roster: Draft Strategy and Player Selection

Building the ultimate Washington Nationals fantasy roster is an exciting and strategic endeavor for any fantasy baseball enthusiast. While many have built their 2024 rosters already, you can always try to start a roster midseason. It involves a deep understanding of draft strategy and meticulous player selection, both of which are crucial for creating a competitive team.

The draft strategy encompasses the overall plan and approach used during the draft to maximize value and minimize risk. It involves prioritizing elite players early, targeting high-upside prospects in the mid-rounds, and securing versatile players late in the draft to provide depth and flexibility.

Player selection is arguably the most critical aspect of building a successful fantasy roster. It requires a keen eye for talent and potential, balancing proven veterans with emerging stars. Each pick should be made with a clear understanding of the player’s current form, injury history, and projected performance.

Choosing players who can consistently perform well helps fantasy managers handle the highs and lows of a long baseball season, keeping their teams competitive all the way through.

Draft Strategy

Drafting a successful fantasy baseball team involves balancing risk and reward, especially when selecting players from the Washington Nationals. The strategy starts with prioritizing elite talent early, then targeting high-upside prospects and reliable veterans in the mid to late rounds.

Early Rounds: Secure Elite Talent

In the initial rounds, focus on securing top-tier talent. Given his exceptional hitting ability and on-base skills, Juan Soto is a prime target. His consistent performance makes him a foundational player for any fantasy roster​​.

Additionally, consider top pitching prospects like Josiah Gray, who can provide high strikeout rates despite control issues.​

Mid Rounds: Blend of Prospects and Reliable Veterans

In the middle rounds, blend promising prospects with reliable veterans. Keibert Ruiz, with his growing power and improved plate discipline, is a solid choice for a catcher​​. Prospects like Cade Cavalli offer a high upside, especially if they secure a rotation spot​. Veterans like Patrick Corbin and Stephen Strasburg, although risky due to health concerns, can still offer valuable innings​.

Late Rounds: Target Sleepers and Versatility

Late rounds are crucial for targeting sleepers and versatile players who can cover multiple positions. Joey Meneses, for example, has shown power potential and could provide significant value if he earns regular playing time​​.

Versatile players like Ildemaro Vargas and Luis Garcia are essential for building depth and flexibility, ensuring your team can withstand injuries and slumps.

Monitor the Waiver Wire and Player Updates

It is essential to stay vigilant on the waiver wire and keep up with player updates. This lets you quickly add emerging talent and adjust your roster based on current performance trends​, which can provide a competitive edge throughout the season.

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Player Selection

Selecting the right mix of players is key to building a successful fantasy roster. Focus on a combination of established stars, high-upside prospects, and reliable veterans.

Established Stars

Established stars provide a reliable foundation. Juan Soto is a must-have due to his elite hitting and consistent production​​. Keibert Ruiz is another valuable player, offering solid contributions as a catcher with potential for a breakout season.

High-Upside Prospects

High-upside prospects are crucial for long-term success. Cristhian Vaquero, with his power and speed, represents a significant investment for the Nationals, and a potential future star​ , Elijah Green, despite his high strikeout rate, offers an exciting mix of power and speed that could pay off if his contact numbers improve​​.

James Wood, who is starting in Triple-A, is another prospect to watch. His performance in Spring Training suggests he could be called up mid-season, adding value to your roster​​.

Reliable Veterans

Reliable veterans provide stability and consistent performance. Though risky due to injuries, Patrick Corbin and Stephen Strasburg can offer steady innings when healthy​​. Lane Thomas is a versatile outfielder with flashes of power and speed, making him a valuable late-round pick​.​

Versatile Players for Depth

Versatile players like Ildemaro Vargas and Luis Garcia add depth and flexibility, allowing you to cover multiple positions and adjust to injuries​​. It ensures you can maintain a competitive lineup throughout the season.


Building the ultimate Washington Nationals fantasy roster requires a mix of strategy and careful player selection. By prioritizing elite talent early, blending prospects with reliable veterans in the mid-rounds, and targeting versatile players late, you can construct a well-rounded team capable of handling the ups and downs of a long season.

Understanding each player’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential ensures your roster remains competitive. The combination of established stars, high-upside prospects, and versatile veterans will help you stay ahead in your fantasy league.

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