Washington 2024 MLB Season Chances

Pre-season is a quiet time of year for lovers of Major League Baseball. There are no games on the schedule, and with the new campaign still a few weeks away, it can begin to feel like a long and boring time of year with no light at the end of the tunnel. While fans of tennis enjoy the Australian Open, and lovers of football make predictions at the best online betting apps offering Super Bowl odds, baseball enthusiasts begin to grow restless. But the 2024 season is approaching and will be here before you know it.

We are on the verge of what promises to be a remarkable, exciting, and memorable campaign. The 162-game schedule is now live, meaning coaches, players, and fans know what to expect when the curtain goes up. The action begins on Wednesday, 20th March, and runs to Sunday, 29th September. Which team do you expect to blaze a trail of glory to the title this year? Do you hope our beloved Washington Nationals will return to the glory days, winning its first World Series since 2019 and only the second in the club’s interesting history?

Washington fans hope for a strong season and believe they have a squad capable of challenging. Manager Dave Martinez is currently working behind the scenes to bring his troops up to scratch before the games come thick and fast. He’s built a squad he believes he can rely on and has the qualities needed to challenge. But will they live up to expectations and give Nationals fans something to cheer? Only time will tell, but spirits are high in the camp and among fans.

Pundits’ picks

How do you predict the outcome of a season and which team will win the World Series? Sports fans take several approaches when analyzing an upcoming season. Some happily stick with unquestioning loyalty and pick Washington or their favorite Major League Baseball team to win. Others bring a more stats-driven approach, using the form, head-to-head figures, and recent results to call a champion. Then, some like to sit on the fence, refusing to pick sides until they’ve seen every team play at least once.

When making predictions on the coming season, you may place your trust in the experts, following the thinking of traders working at the leading sportsbooks. Bookies don’t always call the result perfectly, of course, but they are correct more often than they’re wrong, and that helps build trust in sports fans. The betting industry believes they know the 2024 champion, making the Los Angeles Dodgers the team to beat. LA sits just ahead of the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros in the World Series betting list.

What do traders expect from Washington this season? Despite some Nationals fans holding high hopes for the campaign, odds-makers don’t share that enthusiasm about a title-winning campaign. The current Stanley Cup predictions have Washington down the pecking order, and they are the 28th most likely team to lift the trophy. That places the Nationals behind other supposed no-hopers, including the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels, and Kansas City Royals. 

That doesn’t make for exciting reading if you love Washington, but the traders’ picks have no bearing on the result. Yes, they are a trusted source, but major sportsbooks have been wrong on many occasions in the MLB, NHL, English Premier League, and other major competitions. To instill a little confidence, let’s reflect on when the Washington Nationals ruled Major League Baseball.

Photo by John Caulfield for TalkNats

Quest for Glory

The Washington Nationals began the 2019 MLB season with high expectations. Armed with a talented roster, including ace pitcher Max Scherzer and young phenom Juan Soto, the Nationals aimed to make a deep playoff run. However, early-season inconsistencies and injuries cast doubt on their postseason prospects.

The Nationals faced a challenging May with a sub-.500 record and an uphill battle in the highly competitive National League East. Manager Dave Martinez navigated through injuries and bullpen struggles, making crucial decisions that set the stage for a remarkable turnaround.

Amidst the challenges, Juan Soto emerged as a rising star. The young outfielder showcased extraordinary talent, providing a spark for the team. Meanwhile, seasoned veterans like Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer provided crucial leadership, guiding the Nationals through adversity.

The Nationals’ resilience was tested in the National League Wild Card Game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Trailing 3-1 in the eighth inning, they staged a stunning comeback, with Soto delivering a game-winning hit. This thrilling victory set the tone for their postseason run.

NLDS Triumph

In the National League Division Series (NLDS), the Nationals faced the powerhouse Los Angeles Dodgers. The series showcased stellar pitching performances, including a historic outing by Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals ultimately triumphed in a decisive Game 5, securing a spot in the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

The Nationals faced the St. Louis Cardinals in a hard-fought NLCS. Stephen Strasburg continued his postseason brilliance, earning the series MVP honors. The Nationals’ offense, led by Howie Kendrick, delivered key hits, securing their place in the World Series with a convincing sweep.

The World Series pitted the Nationals against the formidable Houston Astros, who boasted a star-studded roster and recent championship experience. The series unfolded as a classic, featuring dramatic moments, pitching duels, and unexpected heroes.

Road Warriors

The Nationals faced adversity on the road, losing the first two games in Houston. However, they roared back in Games 3, 4, and 5, stealing victories on the Astros’ home turf. Juan Soto’s offensive prowess, combined with clutch pitching performances, set the stage for a potential championship-clinching moment.

In a do-or-die Game 6, the Nationals found themselves trailing late in the contest. However, an explosive seventh inning, highlighted by a controversial interference call, propelled them to victory. Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick played starring roles, forcing a decisive Game 7.

The Nationals’ journey reached its zenith in Game 7. With Max Scherzer on the mound, the team delivered a comprehensive performance. Juan Soto’s home run and key defensive plays secured a 6-2 victory, clinching the World Series title. The Nationals’ celebration marked the culmination of a season defined by resilience and determination.

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