2023 Fearless Predictions

Note: Opening day was almost a week ago but due to some technical difficulties the prediction post is a little late this year.

Will the Nats win the World Series in 4 or 5 games?

Nats prediction threads this year are sure to be a source of negative vibes. But we are all Nats fans here so let’s try to mix in some positives with the negative. That being said, don’t hold back.

Only a fool fights in a burning house

Start with the Basics:

  • How many games do the Nats win in 2023?
  • Who leads the team in home runs and how many?
  • Who leads the team in OPS?
  • Which pitcher leads the team in wins?
  • Who gets the most saves this season?

Other Individual Accomplishments:

  • How long does Joey Meneses last as the Nats hit leader after X number of games?
  • Does Strasburg get activated at any point in 2023?
  • Do we have any Gold Glove finalists?
  • What is the best showing by a 2023 free agent?
  • What is the best showing by a player acquired via fire sale trade?

Impact of New Rules

  • How many minutes is the shortest game? Longest game? Average game?
  • Which pitcher gets the most clock violations? Hitter?
  • Who leads the team in stolen bases and how many?

Doom and Gloom

  • What is the Nats run differential at year end?
  • What is the total attendance for the season? Least attended game? Best attended?
  • Do the Nats get a dollar from MASN for past unpaid rights fees?
  • Does Dave Martinez survive dropping to a lower win percent than Jim Riggleman?
  • Is Fixed this Toilet the most annoying commercial in MASN history?

Mandatory Final Question

  • Most surprising positive development during the season?
I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can’t lose!
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