Washington Nationals News and Links:

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Some Washington Nationals’ press from around the national media with links to some articles. 

Team Talk:

Paige Leckie spotlights the special bond between “MLB’s youngest middle infield.”

Paige Leckie talks about Carter Kieboom’s first game back from surgery


National News:

Jim Callis, Sam Dykstra, and Jonathan Mayo (MLB) go in-depth and ‘flex’ each team’s top-hitting prospect. Nationals – Elijah Green

Paul Casella (MLB) suggests that Derek Hill will start the season as the Nationals’ fourth outfielder behind Corey Dickerson, Victor Robles, and Lane Thomas.

Sam Dykstra (MLB) highlights the Nationals’ 2023 Top 30 prospects.

Mark Polishuck (MLB trade rumors) recaps the Nationals’ offseason with their signings, trades, losses, ownership situation, and more.

Davy Andrews (FanGraphs) ‘Josiah Gray threw five cutters’


Around the league:

Paul Newberry (AP News) ‘Column: New rules push baseball into fast-paced world.’

Matt Snyder (CBS Sports) ‘MLB rule changes: What to know about the extreme shift ban, what defensive tricks are still allowed.’

Matt Snyder (CBS Sports) ‘MLB rules changes: What to know about the bigger bases, how they could increase stolen bases.’

R.J Anderson (CBS Sports) highlights one breakout candidate from all 30 teams. Nationals: Jordan Weems

R.J Anderson (CBS Sports) gives us his top 50 prospects entering the 2023 season. No. 5: James Wood.

Jordan Shusterman (Fox Sports) ‘projects the World Baseball Classic pitching Rotations for Team USA.’

Jake Mintz (Fox Sports) ‘MLB Players turning to NicoTine pouches amid Tobacco Bans.’

Mitch Stacey (AP news) ‘Scherzer tests pitch clock limits, gets quick-pitch balk.’

Bryan Mcwilliam (The Score) ‘Red Sox use shift loophole to counter Twins’ Gallo.’

Baseball America Top Draft Prospects (*paywall*)



Stephen G. “Ghost” Mears (Talk Nats) ‘Keibert Ruiz and Luis Garcia change agents’

Stephen G. “Ghost” Mears (Talk Nats) ‘Nats Top-30 Prospects’

Ben Belford-Peltzman (Talk Nats) previews the catcher position for the Nationals. Grade: B



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