Nats are closing in on a blockbuster with the Dodgers! Rizzo still has other players to trade!

Photo by Sol Tucker for TalkNats

By this time tomorrow, we will know who the Nationals have after the dust settles on the 2021 trade deadline. With no waiver trades in August like prior years, this deadline is it. The rumor mills are swirling about Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Daniel Hudson, Josh Harrison, and Kyle Schwarber. It looks close to done that by tomorrow that Scherzer and Turner will be wearing Dodgers blue with a haul coming back of at least Keibert Ruiz and Josiah Gray and a couple more players.

Most rumors have no merit, and this is the time of year that many enterprising click-masters will spin things to get the attention of anyone willing to push the mouse to view their articles.

“There could be a thousand rumors out there,” manager Dave Martinez said about the Scherzer trade rumors.

During this afternoon’s game we saw no less than a dozen tweets that Scherzer was close with San Diego then it switched to that it was close with San Francisco, the Dodgers and the Red Sox also.

Sure, some teams are just in the mix to push up the price on their competitors, and in the end general manager Mike Rizzo must maximize this rare opportunity in front of him.

That tweet was later replaced by a new tweet.

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We saw that the Yankees were interested in Schwarber, and that teams have made offers on Turner. There will be dozens of new rumors popping up, as tis’ the season.

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