Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan are stay-at-home bookworms!

Photo by Sol Tucker for TalkNats

This pause in sports has given fans a little window into how some of our favorite athletes like to spend their time when not training or playing. Some, like Juan Soto, have been playing video games against other baseball players. Teammate Trea Turner has been working on his Soto Shuffle in his backyard. Ryan Zimmerman is finding he finally has the time to meet friend Washington Capitals player Nicklas Backstrom for a round of golf, only to realize they’re unable to actually get together to play. It should come as no surprise that Sean Doolittle is filling much of his time with books, which he occasionally reads.

Doolittle is an avid reader, and he often posts on Twitter about his current book selections. Last month, he finished Sarah Gailey’s new book “Upright Women Wanted.” In a short video for the Nationals, Doolittle had the following to say about the Gailey’s latest novel:

“It is about a group of women how are librarians. It takes place in a future dystopian America. They’re in the Southwest, and they travel from town to town giving the people in that town approved materials, so books the state has deemed appropriate for them and has allowed them to be able to read. But they get into some trouble, and they raise a little hell. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a short read. It’s really fast paced.”

Women raising a little hell? Count me in. I read “Upright Women Wanted,” and I absolutely loved it. In a dystopian future meets old West tale, Esther finds herself living in a world where men are in charge, women play more traditional homemaker roles, and everything they’re allowed to read and watch is preapproved by the state. Told everything about herself is wrong, she hides away in the Librarians’ wagons in hopes of joining their group. She had been taught that the Librarians represent the “right” way to be, and she was counting on being able to fix what she felt was wrong about herself if she was able to become one of them. What she found during her desert journey and amidst gunfights with bandits was a group of women who taught her how to love herself for who she is, and to fight for what she believes in.

“Upright Women Wanted” was released in February 2020, and is available for purchase from your favorite book seller. It’s a fast, exciting read. My only complaint is I wish it was longer. I’d love to hear more about Esther, the Librarians, and their travels. Let us know if you read it!



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