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The Washington Nationals used to offer a season ticket partnership site to find other ticket partners, and with that not available for this season, we decided to create a feature for season ticket holders to meet potential ticket partners. Joining a Nats season ticket plan group is the best way to lock in great seats at low prices for the season, and for many buying blocks of 42 or 82 seats is a few too many to fit our budgets and/or busy schedules.

So this year Talk Nats is here to help with a list of plan holders who are looking to share some games. The great part about buying a piece of an established ticket plan versus opening a new plan is that the existing plans typically have the best seats within the pricing sections, so for the same cost per ticket (or less) you can be in the front few rows instead of over a section and back a ways.

The other great reason to buy into a Nats season ticket plan is the perks, check the flyer below for the full list of benefits. Plan holders get the opportunity to save up Red Carpet Reward (RCR) points for prizes. Discounts on food and drinks. Express lines to get into the ballpark and up to the concessions stands. Even playoff priority. NOTE: Not all ticket groups offer all ticket plan benefits, check the details with the individual plan holder. 

Another reason to look into joining an existing plan is to get great seats for a few games in different parts of the ballpark. It’s a cool thing to check out the Diamond Club, the Red Porch, or down by the dugouts. Based on the plans available it could be possible to try out a few games in each of these spots.

Disclaimer: Talk Nats is not a direct party to any deals made based on connections via this blog post. This is a service to help out plan holders and fans, all exchanges are at the own risk of the sellers and buyers. We will certainly allow feedback in case there are issues.

Listing Rules and Buyers Etiquette

Rule number one is that this exchange is for face value only or less. Ticket prices in the same section may vary slightly because some plan holders are locked in at 2018 prices. In addition plan holders are allowed to pass on any service fees including PayPal costs which are at 3% but certainly could give you that extra level of buyer protection.

The Nationals allow plan holders to advertise for partners, however they only allow single game sales via their official partner for resales. Talk Nats has no part in enforcing this rule but in order to avoid any question of compliance among plan holders listing on this site the minimum number of tickets per share will be set at five sets (i.e. ten tickets for a plan with a pair of seats).

Sellers should list the 1) section, 2) row, 3) price per ticket, 4) # of tickets per game, 5) number of games in a share, 6) ticket distribution method, 7) ticket selection method, 8) SPH perks included, 9) whether parking is included, 10) contact info, and 11) why the seats are a good buy.

Buyers should assume that the terms of the plan are as listed in the write ups below. Most plan holders are not looking to haggle on prices, they are also not interested in changing up the terms of ticket distribution.

Ticket Plans – Friends of Talk Nats

This listing of season ticket plans are owned by regular contributors on Talk Nats and friends of the Talk Nats moderators:

    • Section 222, row E, $20 per ticket, available in sets of two or four. Offered in sets of ten pairs for $400. No RCR. Ticket draft via email. I can distribute tickets via email or a Nats Plus plan. Section 222 is what I consider to be the best bargain section in the ballpark, it is a fine view of the field for a very low ticket price. Contact tomdnats@ Google email .com
    • Section 143, row B, $30 per ticket, available in a set of two. Offered slightly below cost these seats in centerfield are on the end of the row with great views in the second row in the section next to the area the President’s races begin. Amazing views. Will try to accommodate certain games to the early arrivals. I can distribute tickets via email or through Nats Plus adding you as a seat partner if you purchase at least 10 games. Contact me via email at ALang20165 @ aol. com
    • Section 314, Row D, $27 per ticket. A “share” is 40 tickets, total cost $1,080. Price also locked in for 2020. We have four seats in the Infield Gallery, right under the pressbox behind home plate. Tickets claimed and distributed prior to each homestand rather than in a preseason draft, which offers maximum flexibility to shareholders. Tix can be used in any combination — 10 games of all 4, 20 games of 2, 6 games of 3 plus 11 games of 2, etc., including single seats. Opportunity to purchase postseason tix and Opening Day. All ticket resales benefit the group as a whole, with pro-rata rebates to shareholders after the season varying from $360 to $525 over the past nine years. Sounds complicated but it’s not really. Contact Section314not222 at gmail or DM @Section222 on Twitter with contact info for more detail/questions
    • Section 215, Row E, Seats 3 and 4, with good in and out access to the Club Section between innings and we get to wave to Mike Rizzo every now and then. Sharing in 10 game swaths for the pair, at $160.25 for the pair for each game $1,602.13 for the 10 games We do a draft each year in person in Upper NW, DC. We split the playoff games also, and have always had access to additional tickets for those games, opening day, etc. Each member gets their share of Red Carpet Rewards and gets the applicable discounts for food and beverages, and at the team store.  My email is [email protected]
    • Section 312, Row D, Seats 1 and 2. Season Ticket Plan maxed out with number of partners  so this is not buying into a plan – just the tickets (no other benefits). Expect to have some games available for $55/game (both tickets). List of games will be available no later than mid-March (hopefully earlier). Minimum games is whatever the rules are (currently 5 or more games). Contact me at djhonetwoonetwo @ hotmail dot com (replace the words for the numbers onetwo with the numbers 12) to be notified when the list of games is available.
    • Sec 409 Row E 2 seats at $16.50 per ticket. “I’m looking for one last partner for my Nationals Season tickets and will pass all those savings on to my group.
      For just $16.50 per ticket, which is well below the single game price of $24 per seat, you could have the best bargain in the ballpark! It’s a very good discount (even better for prime games, as you’ll still pay $16.50). It’s actually less than if you purchased, new full season tickets, because I locked in my price. It is a great location near food and bathrooms, under an overhang in case of rain, and it’s in the shaded side of the field in case of those hot summer days. All regular season games will be available via the draft, except opening day. The draft date in February/March, after the full promo schedule is released. I’m looking one person to buy 5 game/2 ticket blocks in Sec 409 Row E for $165 total (or $16.50 per).
      The seats have a great view of the entire field; I prefer the location to other more expensive options. 5 games with be emailed and no playoff tickets rights, but I will exchange any games you can’t go to, in similar seats, using the Nationals exchange program (replacement game subject to blackouts). Red Carpet Points are not included. Email to [email protected] if interested.
    • Section 117, Row P, Seats 15-18 and Section 209 Row G, Seats 20-23; Our group shares two sets of seats, 4 tickets/game + Geico Lot Parking in the following areas:  Section 117, Row P, Seats 15-18 behind the visitor’s dugout ($78/ticket) and Section 209 Row G, Seats 20-23 on the Club level ($69/ticket).  Our group head just takes game requests from the group and tries to best match those requests.  Parking is $44/game. We are looking for additional partners seeking 5, 10 or 20 games during the 2019 season.  Email me at [email protected] if interested and I can link you up with our head ticket holder for specifics.
    • MVP Club Section 215:  2 pair piggy-backed: Row F seats 12&13; Row G seats 13 & 14.  Purchase in ticket pairs or fours.  Tickets are $78 each.  5 Pair minimum for share; 10 pair minimum for share of Nats Plus benefits that can be directly shared.  Ticket exchange is available for all shareholders.  Postseason share may or may not be in season plan seats.  Games are selected by live draft, scheduled for 9 March.  Shared garage C parking pass available for purchase for $48.  These are great seats under the overhang, so you get shade and shelter from rain, not to mention access to the Norfolk Southern Club for heat or AC.  Contact Christy by call or text: 703 474 5998.
    • Club 3:  2 tickets in the shared Club 3 Suite.  Food and soft drinks included.  There’s a bar inside the suite for purchase of wine, beer, and spirits. Purchase in ticket pairs. Tickets are $100 each.  5 Pair minimum for share; 10 pair minimum for share of Nats Plus benefits that can be directly shared.  Postseason share may or may not be in season plan seats.  Games are selected from list – 55 games remaining to select from.  Ticket exchange is available for all shareholders.  Shared garage C parking pass available for purchase for $48. Contact Christy by call or text: 703 474 5998.

Ticket Plans – Friends of Friends

This listing of season ticket plans comes from plan holders on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and WNFF:

  • Section 129, row N, $79 per ticket. Ten rows behind the Nats dugout. We select tickets via a snake draft, with draft position a function of seniority in the group and the number of tickets purchased. We also share RCR points proportionately. I also have four free spring training tickets with your name on them. See this Craigslist Ad for additional info.
  • Section 110, row E, $35 per ticket, seats 9 & 10, full season. Games will be selected via a draft. Tickets are $70/game(i.e., $35/ticket). Parking is the Geico lot is available for purchase at $45/game, but not required to be a partner. To be a partner you need to have 10 games, and will have access to red carpet rewards. If interested, email me at: [email protected]
  • Section 133, row A, $50 per ticket, I have 2 in Section 133 front row. Full-season. No RCR but will give playoff rights, minimum 10 games. $50/per. Contact /u/dupontcircle via Reddit.
  • Section 127, row T, $110 per ticket, seats 1-4, full season dugout box. Games will be selected via a draft. 5 game minimum buy-in. Parking is the Geico lot at $45/game. If interested, email [email protected]
  • 100 row J seats 36-37. I’m interested in partners joining our group. I live in Southern Maryland about an hour and fifteen minutes away, typically making about 21-25 games a year and trying to sell the remaining of the 42 games I can’t make. Tickets are $33 each. Email me at [email protected]
  • ​Section 129, Row Y (About 14 rows behind the Nats dugout).   Two tickets for 10 games are all we have left.   Cost is $58 per ticket ($1,160 for all 10 games).    We do an online snake draft and every member gets an equal share of playoff tickets.    Email [email protected] if you are interested.
  • Section 313 row E (2 seats): looking for a partner to take Wednesday and Thursday afternoon games for Half Season Plan B.  There are 8 games in total, including July 4th but excludes opening day.  I am willing to be flexible.  Tickets are $29.30/each.  No RCR, no parking, no playoffs, but willing to arrange free scoreboard message or stadium tour.  Contact me at Natstickets @ hotmail dot com to find out the specific games and times as well as any other questions you may have.
  • Section: 133, row G, $50 per ticket: four rows from the field on the aisle; # of tickets in the plan: 4; # of games in the plan: full plan; price per ticket: $50 per ticket (10 games, total is $2,000); minimum number of tickets to join the plan: 10 games (4 tix per game); method for splitting up the tickets: serpentine draft. Whether Red Carpet Reward points are included, other perks: RCR points included tickets are distributed via email or Nats Plus: tickets can be distributed per your choice playoff priority: yes, we hold a playoff ticket draft. These tickets are not available for Opening Day but our group buys a block of tickets near our seats so everyone gets to go to Opening Day. We are a well-run group that’s been together since 2005. Please let me know your interest by e-mail. [email protected]
  • 409, Row G for 4 seats – I’m offering a 22 ticket share at 16.50 for seats. This is well below the single ticket price. The seats are covered, and shaded even in summer day games. There are four seats total, but are drafted in lots of 2. The draft will be in early March or Late February. All games are available but draft is first come, first serve. Post-season right of first refusal on the early purchase, but no guarantee. It’s a snake draft of a half season plan. Contact, [email protected]
  • Sections 210, row A and Section 115, Row G,  $77 per ticket.  Each section is two seats per game.  Offered in sets of 5 pairs for $770 to be a partner.   Partners can choose seats in either location or mix and match.  Ticket draft coming up on February 10 either in person (in Bethesda), via conference call or sending list of desired games to administrator.  Section 210 is in the Club section on the first row.  Section 115 is on the aisle, very close to the field and right next to the visitor’s dugout.  Balls are always flying out of the dugout!!  All benefits of season ticket plan ownership is shared on a pro-rata basis, including points, a separate draw for opening day tickets and post season tickets plus anything else the Nationals offer full season ticket plan holders.  Parking is not included.  Both seat locations are full season plans, with great locations and only available to full season tickets holders.  After our ticket draft, I will also offer single game tickets.  I will have around 40 games available and can provide a list.  Please contact [email protected] for more information
  • Section 128, Row FF,  $59.00 per ticket ($118 per pair), 2 tickets per game, 10 game minimum per share, Ticket distribution via email or NatsPlus, Games selected via draft, No parking included, Contact [email protected]. Great seats, on the aisle.
  • Section 110, Row B; $35 per ticket; two tickets per game; 20 games in the share; seats are down the left field line, second row behind the ball girl, along the wall; excellent view of the game – bring a glove; tickets will be distributed via the Nats Card or by email, if preferred; game slection via draft with reverse order in rounds 2 and 4; access to SPH perks including RCR points; parking is not included; contact me at [email protected]
  • Section 210, Row E; $76 per ticket (the 2018 price); 2 seats per game; minimum 7 games.  Good seats – almost always in the shade.  Club seats with access to air conditioned lounge with two bars & multiple food options.  Round-robin draft online or by email.  Same draft order each round.  Tickets distributed by email.  Parking, RCR, post-season (if any!) not included.  Email me at [email protected].
  • Section 110, Row F, Seats 1 & 2. $40 per ticket, per game, snake draft. These are 6 rows from the field, on the aisle, just beyond 3B. Awesome seats, as the row “angles” just after seat 2, so you’ve got lots of elbow room. Awesome place for foul balls. George’s Plan (mostly Fridays/Sundays). Contact [email protected].
  • Section 100, Row J, Seats 1-4. $33 per ticket, per game, snake draft. On the aisle! These are in the section just below the “Budweiser Brewhouse” in the last row before the table area. BIG, comfy, padded seats steps away from the bar, a cold water dispenser, AND the best kept secret of Nats Park – clean, uncrowded bathrooms! George’s Plan (mostly Fridays/Sundays). Contact [email protected].
  • Section 416, Row M, Seats 5 and 6.
    I am a 2019 Half Season NATS PLUS Member with the Plan B schedule.
    These tickets are covered (so no worries about the weather) with a great view of home plate. I will be unable to attend any of the games until July. I would like to offer the entire first half of the season through to June 30 with access to all rewards, perks for the first half. I am asking $24 ($12 per seat) for these 2 seats X 21 games (and free exhibition game). I am new to this, so I am not sure what I need to work out with you. I am sure I will be advised. Contact [email protected]
  • Section 117, Row M, seats 13 & 14 – maybe ten rows above the visitor dugout – $156 a game ($78 a chair).  You will show up on TV all the time and the net keeps folks safe from the left handed batters’ foul line drives  The “partner” seats can be loaded on to your own member account, the seats for the five game splits will be distributed by e-mail. Red Carpet Rewards shared proportionately with everybody.  Snake draft conducted by e-mail, draft position by seniority and share size (sample rotation from last year available to preview). Email to [email protected]
  • Section 113, Row PP, Seats 1-2; 10 Games available, This is part of a full season plan, so includes 20% at stores and eCash back. The seats are in the shade. Cost is $873 for the 10 games. Please contact [email protected]
  • Front Row Infield Gallery 312, row A, seats 15-16. $30/ticket. Ticket draft via e-mail with repeating cycle of 8 partners. Tickets distributed with BallPark App or e-mail. NATS PLUS benefits: 20% team store discount, 20% concessions, and Red Carpet Rewards. NO parking included. E-mail: [email protected]

New additions:

We will put up new additions as people want to add their ticket plans to this post. Email [email protected] or DM him on Twitter or myself on a DM on Twitter as @PowerBoater69

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