The Nationals’ Thanksgiving List

What they each should be thankful for:

Nationals fans are thankful that Steve keeps this blog going . . . all year round (speaking of round, a round of applause for Steve, please!)

Mike Rizzo: that his boss tolerates workplace yelling better than Ray Knight’s.

Ryan Zimmerman: that he hasn’t forgotten how to be Mr. Walk-Off.

Tony Two-Bags: that Ian Desmond hooked Anthony Rendon up with the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

Max Scherzer: for the love of his wife, his daughter, his pack of odd-eyed pets, and Nationals fans who can’t wait to see him pitch every five days.

Bob Henley: that zombies are “in.”

Trea Turner: for a beautiful bride . . . and Super Two status. Their first dance should have been to “What a Difference a Day Makes.”

Juan Soto: his 2018 opportunities and the ability to make the best of them. His future’s so bright we gotta wear shades.

Victor Robles: that he completely recovered from his injury—and doesn’t have to compete with Juan Soto in the 2019 Rookie of the Year race. Also, he could have been a Marlin if rumors were correct about J.T. Realmuto trades.

Bryce Harper: that Manny Machado made a spectacle of himself in the postseason.

Doooooooo: that Rizzo’s not building the 2019 bullpen on the cheap.

Fans of bullpen carts everywhere: Doooooooo.

Michael A. Taylor: that his highlight reel looks better than his stats.

Dave Martinez: his multi-year contract.

Aaron Barrett: that the Nationals continue to do the right thing.

Trevor Rosenthal: that his arm works. Still.

Kyle Barraclough: that he’s joining a good bear den . . . I mean bullpen.

Adam Eaton: that he has two of the cutest little boys on the planet. Oh, and modern surgical techniques.

Tanner Roark: a healthy little boy.

Stephen Strasburg: that he’s managed more post-injury comebacks than Rocky.

Sammy Solis: that he’s enjoying his offseason traveling the world.

Joe Ross: that early indications are that he’s in the 85% successful TJ surgery category.

Erick Fedde, Kyle McGowin, Wander Suero & Jefry Rodriguez: that their window of opportunity is open.

Spencer Kieboom: that “Back-up catcher” is still a major league position with a major league salary attached.

Wilmer Difo: that Mike Rizzo has other priorities than an upgrade at second base.

Howie Kendrick: that Mike Rizzo has other priorities than an upgrade at second base.

Carter Kieboom: that Mike Rizzo is not afraid to call-up a position player mid-season and turn him into a star. Ask Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon, Trea Turner, and Juan Soto. Victor Robles is hoping the same.

Andrew Stevenson: that Mike Rizzo remembers what he did off the bench and what he could do in 2019. Who can forget this Thanksgiving piece on Andrew and his family.

Kurt Suzuki: thankful for Home, Sweet Contract.

James Bourque: as he was thankful as the only player who was Rule 5 eligible who Rizzo added to the 40-man roster.

Mark Lerner: that he is on the road to full health and now the principal owner of the Washington Nationals

What do you have to be thankful for. Share some stories.


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