Sorry ladies, Trea Turner got married today!

Photo from Kristen Harabedian of the couple!

There is a strategy when you set your wedding date in advance as a Washington Nationals player. There are so many key dates to traverse like the World Series (just in case) in October then there is the G.M. Meetings and then there is the Winter Meetings and the Nats Winterfest. For Trea Turner and his fiancé Kristen Harabedian, they set their date back in 2017 for November 10th for a “grand” wedding in Washington, D.C. at the National Museum of Women in the Arts and is referred to as the “National Museum” which is the perfect venue for the Nationals Trea-sure to be married in a National museum. How special was it that the Florida kids got married in Washington, D.C. which is Trea’s second home during the baseball season and the couple got married while surrounded by family, friends, co-workers (Nationals players), and former teammates. 

Maybe the most extravagant wedding present was delivered two weeks ago when Trea got the news that he would be designated as a Super Two before his 3rd full year in the Majors which will get him a humongous pay increase projected at $5.3 million for a player who was set to make $600,000 this year. That’s when you make last minute upgrades at the reception from the Korbel champagne to Dom Perignon, Cristal, and Ace of Spades.

A toast to the bride and groom!

Many congratulations to the bride and groom and their families!

Trea and Kristen running off… their honeymoon!


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