NL Cy Young race using the John Smoltz logic!

John Smoltz has correctly predicted 29 of the last 30 Cy Young awards. His system used to be based on 6 statistical pitching categories, and now he has eliminated wins and it is only a tie-breaker while still using the other 5 categories. The 5 categories are: ERA , K, K/9, IP, WHIP and BAA (batting average against).

Smoltz takes the top-10 in ERA and ranks them in all 5 categories. 10 points for highest and 1 for the least. If a tie exists, then the tied individuals get the credit of higher position.

He said he may add IP as a 6th category this year, but had not decided as of the All star game.

Here is how the National League Cy Young award looks like as of Sunday night.

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