The embarrassment of riches turned into an embarrassment in real time!

Photo by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

How did this Gio Gonzalez debacle get to this point? This team has now lost 10 of his last 12 starts. What team with postseason aspirations allows this type of player on their roster? The Mariners were getting better production from Felix Hernandez, a former Cy Young, and they demoted him to the bullpen. Why has this organization stuck with Gio Gonzalez as a starter? His ERA since June 1st is now 6.75. Are you telling me they cannot find a replacement better than that? That is a low bar to climb under.

“In all honesty it was an ugly game, and everyone saw it,” Dave Martinez said. “Gio couldn’t keep us in the game, and it got ugly. Tommy gave us what he had and saved the bullpen.”

This game was not all about Gio’s failures as his centerfielder, Bryce Harper, misplayed 2 flyballs in that disastrous 3rd inning in which Gio walked two batters, but then was victimized by two poor reads by Harper. Other than that, the Nationals offense appeared to be “out to lunch”. They fought back in the 3rd inning to get a run back in support of Gio, but after that there was nothing. The Nats went hitless after the 3rd inning.

Once again, the first place Braves lost and the Nationals were not there to capitalize. That is where these Nats poor results have cost them.

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