Game #83 Nats have a guy named Max Scherzer

We trust Max Scherzer, but how much do we trust that a 19-year-old can handle the grind? Juan Soto has shown he is not devoid of making mistakes. He went first ball swinging in a key spot in the game and has not shown his normal patience. His bat has looked tired the last 2-games and has not had a rest since he got his first start. Maybe a rest day would be wise after his weekend finished on a 0-10. Manager knows best, right? Soto is back in the line-up in the 3-hole. 

The Red Sox are back in Nationals Park as part of the AL East matchups every 3 years as the Nationals inter-league opponents. This 3-game series is sure to be well attended by Bosox fans who live in large numbers in the D.C. region. The Red Sox are pitching Max Scherzer’s former Tigers teammate Rick Porcello. The right-hander is having a so-so season with a 3.60 ERA, and it will be interesting how he does in a game where he will have to bat.

Max Scherzer gets the start and hopes to mark this game as the first game of a Nationals winning streak. You have to start with one win before a streak starts and the Bosox have the best record in the Majors which makes this a tough series.

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