A big #Nats win to wrap up a tough week 

The tendency after a huge win such as last night is to oversell the positives and assume that the negatives that were all there until the 5th inning are fixed. As they say things are never quite as good or as bad as we think they are in extreme moments. 

  • Bryce Harper’s at-bats started improving during the Oriole series and he really had a very good series against the Phillies leading up to a tremendous Sunday finish. Is he ‘cured’? It takes more than a few games to answer that question, but it might be instructive not to call him ‘lost’ or ‘a mess’ every time he strikes out as many did last night. 
  • Daniel Murphy has looked locked in at the plate for several games now, he is still not generating power, but he is not getting fooled, his timing is good, and he is certainly not scared of game situations. 
  • As Michael Taylor works his way to another 3 WAR season perhaps it’s time we accepted that MAT is a good player and like other good players he is subject to peaks and valleys. He will always have a swing and miss issue, but he brings a lot to the table. 
  • The catching position needs to be addressed very soon. I don’t know if Spencer Kieboom calls a good enough game or is a good enough defensive catcher, but he is less of an automatic out than Pedro Severino whose hitting potential is less than many pitchers. Regardless, we need a major league level hitting catcher, so the bottom of the order is not a complete waste land. 
  • Jefry Rodriguez has some tools but lacks a put away pitch to succeed on a contending team in the majors. We need Jeremy Hellickson back badly. 
  • The combination of 2 rookies in the starting rotation coupled with struggles by Gio Gonzalez and another meltdown by Tanner Roark is killing the bullpen and I completely understand Dave Martinez try to squeeze 1 extra inning from his starting pitchers. I thought Saturday with Erick Fedde was a poor decision because the rookie battled the Phills ace to a standstill and at 97 pitches through 6 innings he should not have allowed him to lose that game. 
  • It looks to me that when Brandon Kintzler returns the odd man out will not necessarily be Kelley who didn’t give up any runs but still gave up a shot to the warning track and remains a home run threat every time out. When several others return from injury Kelley’s run will end. 
  • Anthony Rendon is quietly hitting .285 as should have been anticipated. Trea Turner is having a decent year, and he does leave you with a good feeling that there is much more there. 
  • This is another week to hang in there as Atlanta faces Cincinnati at home and we face a Rays team that just swept the NY Yankees. 
  • Matt Adams and Howie Kendrick are very key player losses for the Nats. Look for Mike Rizzo to fill the Howie slot, I am not convinced Mark Reynolds is that man. 
  • On the trade wish list, I have:  Catcher. Starting pitcher. Bench help 
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