Good, Bad, Interesting – Vol. 1

Welcome to our monthly look at who’s hot, who’s not, and who’s (or what’s) surprising in the Nationals minors.

For those not familiar with this feature at… This is something stolen from named after comedian Demetri Martin’s segment of the same name from his too-brief TV show from 2009 or so (i.e., around the time the site started).

Invariably, whenever a player makes this list—good or bad—his fortune seems to turn. Intellectually, we know that’s merely coincidence, but superstition will always have a place in baseball narrative, even as analytics has crossed the rubicon from acceptance to speciousness (e.g., exit velocity). Nevertheless, this sequence of events is known as “the curse of the GBI.”

Now, for the obligatory caveats… it’s early, sample sizes are small and statistically insignificant, minor-league stats aren’t as meaningful as MLB stats, void where prohibited, valid only at participating locations, etc.

And a note of caution: The guys, their families, their wives, their girlfriends, perhaps a boyfriend here and there, and of course, their agents are known to read this. So please keep it civil in the comments. This is just for fun.
[Statistics, Standings as of 4-27-18]
12-7, 1st place International League North, 1½ games ahead

Good Bat: Rafael Bautista .429/.442/.524, 7R in 10G
Arm: Austin Voth 1-0, 0.96/2.82/0.70 in 18⅔ IP (4GS)
Bad Bat: Michael Almanzar .533 OPS, 3E in 12G
Arm: Chris Smith 1-1, 6.14/6.19/2.19 in seven appearances
Interesting Bat: Hunter Jones .90s OPS since callup from AA (9G)
Arm: John Simms 2-0, 0.68/2.34/0.90 in six appearances

8-11, 5th place Eastern League Western Division, 3½ games behind

Good Bat: Zach Collier .265/.357/.510 in 17G
Arm: Jefry Rodriguez 1-2, 3.00/2.39/1.17, 27K in 4GS (24IP)
Bad Bat: Kelvin Gutierrez .492OPS, 22K in 18G
Arm: Luis Reyes 1-2, 7.29/6.30/1.52 in 4GS (21IP)
Interesting Bat: Jacob Wilson .802 OPS, 4HR in 15G
Arm: Derek Self 5GF, 1.17/1.27/0.78 in six appearances

12-10, 3rd place Carolina League Northern Division, 2 games behind

Good Bat: Austin Davidson .319/.415/.478 in 18G prior to promotion
Arm: Tyler Mapes 3-0, 2.05/3.09/1.36 in 4GS (22IP)
Bad Bat: Edwin Lora .500OPS, 5E in 10G
Arm: Steven Fuentes 1-1, 11H, 11R, 11BB in… wait for it… 11IP
Interesting Bat: Tres Barrera .294/.333/.500 in 10G
Arm: James Bourque 1-1, 0.90/0.95/0.70, 17K in 10IP

6-16, 7th place South Atlantic League Northern Division, 9 games behind

Good Bat: Juan Soto .373/.486/.814, 5HR, 24RBI in 16G prior to promotion
Arm: Ben Braymer 2-0, 1.45/2.52/0.64, 21K in 18⅔ IP (5G)
Bad Bat: Yasel Antuna .515OPS, 27K in 21G
Arm: Carlos Acevedo 0-1, 9.82/5.13/1.91 in 11IP (4G, 1GS)
Interesting Bat: Brandon Boggetto .387/.424/.613 in 10G
Arm: Nick Raquet 1-2, 2.18/4.05/1.06 in 4GS (21⅔ IP)
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