The Nationals introduced Dave Martinez as their new manager

”I’ve always had a thing about never quitting,” Dave Martinez said. “I will preach that every day and that is something I will bring that here. We will play to the last pitch of every game. We will compete every day. The object is to win every game. This team doesn’t lack very much. I think we have to get over the fact that we aren’t here to win one playoff game. We are here to win the World Series.”

“I have a lot of high energy — positive energy,” Martinez continued. “I collaborate a lot with Mike [Rizzo] and ownership. The ultimate goal is winning the championship.”

“When I came here for the playoffs, this place was electric” Dave Martinez recalled of the NLDS this season at Nationals Park. “From the opposing side, it was very…my hair stood up to see how the fans were with all the red. I was jacked up about it.”

“I believe, ‘why change something that really works’ and I am very creative,” Dave Martinez spoke to what he learned from Joe Maddon. “We shared ideas together and I will bring those here. Stick to the process that’s the biggest thing I learned from Joe [Maddon] It’s a long season and it’s all about preparation and sticking to the process.”

“[Dave Martinez] in my humble opinion you were much more prepared right now then you were four years ago,” Mike Rizzo said to Dave Martinez last week when they met in Tampa.

“Stay positive,” Dave Martinez said. “That’s the key. Not everyday will we be successful on the field. Stay positive. I think positivity and a lot of energy and let [the players] know we care when they have a bad game or a good game. Let them know we care about them, and you’ll get the most out of each player.”

Harry Caray gave Dave Martinez the nickname of “Davey”, and he is fine being called “Dave” or “Davey”.

“In high leverage situations I will tell the players to slow it down,” Dave Martinez said in handling the pressure.

He was asked what he would consider as a successful 2018 season:

“Winning the World Series,” Dave Martinez said.

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